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Listen as Andrew ministers on various important aspects of a marriage relationship, ranging from priorities for women to strife in marriage.

Marriage Relationship
Andrew ministered how God intended the home to be. In this teaching, he shares that you are the key to your home. A Christian home has to have Jesus at the centre of it and nothing else. This teaching will help you realize that God instituted marriage for a perfect man. God’s first intent for marriage wasn’t companionship but a spiritual relationship. The strongest bond and unity there is, is between a husband and wife.

Priorities For Women
Andrew explains that both men and women have to have the home as a priority. You can’t minister outside of the home until you can minister in the home. This teaching will help you realize that your home is your greatest ministry. True victory in the Christian life is doing what God wants you to do, not above it or below it. This teaching will also reveal how you can be totally fulfilled and minister to your family.

The Word of God has a lot to say about submission. In this teaching, Andrew contradicts the abuses of submission and explains that there is a godly type of submission in the context of a marriage relationship. There is a plan of submission for you. When you walk in it, you’ll have peace and contentment. The ultimate goal in marriage is to be submitted one to another.

God’s Love In Marriage – I
In this teaching, Andrew identifies the characteristics of God’s kind of love. God’s kind of love is an antidote to any problems in a marriage relationship. Walking in love will give you understanding of your mate. Our relationship with God is directly reflected in our marriage. There is no situation that is greater than God’s love. Learn how to base your relationship on God’s kind of love and get God’s kind of results.

God’s Love In Marriage – II
Andrew continues speaking about God’s kind of love and how it relates to a marriage situation. This kind of love isn’t an emotion but a decision from your heart. You can control love; it doesn’t just happen to you. When we understand what God’s type of love is and are operating in it, most of the problems won’t be an issue anymore.

Strife In Marriage
Andrew deals with strife and how it affects the marriage relationship in this teaching. Strife is a luxury nobody can afford. The only way strife comes is by pride. You can renew yourself to where it is easier to walk in love than in strife. It’s not your mate or your circumstances that cause you to react the way you do. You choose how you react to things. Learn how to make the right choice concerning your home.

Submission In Marriage
Submission is God’s system and way of doing things. In a marriage relationship there is supposed to be a two sided submission to each other. Rebellion is the opposite of submission. Actions display whether you are in submission or rebellion. Learn what true submission in the marriage relationship is and there will be a greater fulfillment and freedom than ever before.

Love And Respect In Marriage
The greatest need of a man is respect. Andrew discusses what to do to show respect to your husband and what not to do. One of the main things a woman can do to show respect is to be in submission to her husband. When a woman is walking in submission, she releases the power of God into that home, and God can accomplish far more than she can. Submission isn’t a position of weakness, but of strength.

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