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Andrew Wommack Ministries South Africa
Andrew Wommack Ministries South Africa4 hours ago


I just want to bring you a special word of thanks. The Lord is awesome.

I am a mobile adjuster and I had to do a claim 200km away from my hometown and when I visited the clients and they started by saying its their own fault that they had the loss, I was tickled and asked them about it. There answer was an open door to me as they answered that loss occurred due to their negligence of not praying / spoken life before they left their house. It happened that we spoke for 3 hours around the gospel and when I left them, they gave me a memory stick with your teachings on it. On my way back to my home town, I’ve listened to 2 preaches and stopped immediately at my friends work with the good news.

My friend had rheumatoid arthritis and used a lot of pills and we kept on praying for healing but nothing happened. After listening to your teachings, we started make it our own and started living in the love of God and His goodness. She spoke to her problem and took the faith and stopped using all her pills which included chemo therapy pills. Normally after not taking the pills, after 4 hours she would have been in a lot of pain, but after speaking to her problem and stand on God’s Word, she is healed completely.

We started talking to other congregation members of what we’re learned and a revival has started at our church. Another of of congregation members, who was in a wheel chair for 5 years, got up and started walking when she put her trust in the Lord and accepted His healing power which was given to us 2000 years ago.

I wanted to share this with you and pray God’s blessings over your family and your ministry.

May God bless you.

- Charmaine
Andrew Wommack Ministries South Africa
Andrew Wommack Ministries South Africa2 days ago

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