The heart of Andrew Wommack and Andrew Wommack Ministries South Africa is to be a blessing to others; especially to our South African Lead Pastors!!


Our PASTORS SERVE PROGRAM (PSP) is a no obligation “FREE” offer to all Lead Pastors in South Africa!


What will you receive from us?

  • 10 full modules of Charis Bible College teachings specifically selected for Pastors from our First Year Curriculum.  These are supplied on 5 USB’s of two modules per USB.
  • Each of the 10 modules includes 8 x 50 minute DVD teachings; that’s 80 x 50 minute teachings in total; IE a total of nearly 70 hours of DVD teachings!
  • The full set of notes including all scriptures for each of the 80 teachings.
  • An online test for each completed module should you choose to write them.


Other extended “FREE” opportunities include:

  • Pastor’s Connect Meetings.
  • Pastor’s Conference Meetings.
  • Pastoral Mentoring and Training.


Other benefits include:

  • You could make use of the full range of “FREE” teachings to train your Pastors, Deacons and even the people in your church.
  • As you as the Lead Pastor have completed your 10 FREE modules you will have the option to complete the First Year of Charis Bible College should you choose to do so. This completion however will not be FREE of charge. Your 10 FREE completed modules will however serve as a full credit towards your First Year of Charis Bible College Correspondence!


Should you wish to enroll to receive the Pastor’s Serve Program Package then please complete and submit the online registration form below and we will be in touch with you soon.


Or alternatively for more info please kindly contact 021 914 1110 or E-Mail: