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This teaching addresses the subject of dating and marriage according to the truths found in God’s word.

Dating And Marriage
This teaching is talking about God’s plan for dating. This information applies to everyone, even if you are already married. We have to renew our minds to God’s system of dating. What we have accepted as normal isn’t what God intended for us. His plan for our marriages is always good. God’s plan works. There is a mate you are ordained to be with. Learn how to go about dating God’s way, and you’ll get God’s kind of results.

Sex In Marriage
This teaching brings to light the truth about sex in marriage. So much of what we have learned in this area didn’t come from God but from the world. These ideas can hinder the pleasure that God intended for the marriage relationship. Sex is the highest way to love and minister to your mate. We should be as free with each other as Adam and Eve were in the beginning.

The Purpose Of Marriage
You might be surprised at what the Bible has to say about the purpose of marriage. According to 1 Corinthians 7:40, you’re happier if you remain single. Interested?

The Priority Of Marriage – I
This teaching explains that God is the one who instituted marriage and what His intent was in bringing a man and a woman together. If we understood the one-flesh covenant, we would have a lot less problems. God took part of man and made a help-meet for him. God didn’t use something else to make woman. This teaching will help you raise your expectations to what God desired for the marriage relationship.

The Priority Of Marriage – II
Andrew continues speaking about making your home a priority. We need to realize that God instituted the family before He instituted the church. There needs to be a deliberate plan to keep the family first, so it is not destroyed. It won’t ever be convenient to put the family first but if you grab hold of this truth, you and your family will be blessed.

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