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It’s not just fate or luck that Peter walked on the water, while the other apostles stayed in the boat. Any or all of the disciples could have joined Peter in making history. A fatalistic philosophy that says “I will have a miracle if God wills it” is a real faith-killer.

There are reasons why some people walk in miracles and others don’t. In this album, Andrew shares many of the faith principles he has learned from God’s Word about walking by faith. If you will receive these truths, you can walk on water too.

Be Of Good Cheer
In Matthew 14, before the Lord stilled the storm or righted the boat, He told His disciples to be of good cheer. In scriptural terminology, He told them to believe first and then deliverance would come. Everyone wants the victory, but not everyone is willing to rejoice before they see the promised results. God’s order is: believe first and then miracles happen. Anyone can rejoice after the storm is over.

Get Out Of The Boat
If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat. The boat symbolizes safety. We’ve got to be willing to leave the comfort and security of the natural to become supernatural. You will have all the people who remain in the boat criticize you, but you’ve got to take this step.

There was really very little difference between the disciples who chose to stay in the boat and Peter who got out of the boat. The boat was full of water and was going down. What they had wasn’t working. It actually made good sense to try something different. But fearful people will ride their sinking boat to the bottom.

Unbelief Will Sink You
Peter walked on water, but he could have walked all the way to Jesus or even to the other shore. He fell short of God’s best. Why? Jesus said it was because of his unbelief. On this teaching, Andrew reveals one of the most important things the Lord ever showed him about faith.

All believers have faith. We don’t need more faith. We just need a pure faith that is void of unbelief. This is a totally foreign concept to most Christians. They are trying to increase their faith and doing little or nothing about the amount of unbelief they have. A simpler and more effective method is to decrease our unbelief and then our little mustard seed amount of faith will be enough to accomplish whatever miracle we need.

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