Financial Breakthroughs Volume 1


Six true stories that could change your financial future.

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Six true stories that could change your financial future.

Kevin and Rachel
Kevin and Rachel once wandered the streets of New York City, hustling for drug money, sleeping in cardboard boxes, and dumpster diving for food. Now their ministry is reaching thousands.

How did Sandy—the single mom of twin two-year-old girls, without a job and living in subsidized housing—go from near poverty to a successful real estate business? It’s a story you’ll want to hear.

Rick and Mitzi
Rick and Mitzi Pudlo lived in their Volkswagen under a bridge in Houston. Now they own a freight-forwarding company that ships explosives around the world, and they live to give.

Tim Abello and family left a successful business and dream home to attend Charis Bible College. It wasn’t long until they were faced with serious financial difficulties. But God, through faith, delivered them.

Kurt Barreto’s high-flying life crashed with the housing market. He went from a mansion in Florida with his family to living alone in a storage unit. God has restored it all.

Leonardo and Iselsa
The “God Is a Good God” free tape and the Power of Faith Filled Words took two immigrants, Leonardo and Iselsa Jimenez, from South America to the University of the Pacific to careers as a successful dentist and business manager.

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