Healing Is Here 2020 – Event Has Changed to Live Stream Only

Message from Andrew: I’ve made the difficult decision to convert this year’s Healing Is Here Conference to a live stream event only. But take heart! You will still get what you’ve been believing for.

The county where we are located has seen an increase in Covid-19 cases and a few of our staff and attendees at our last conference have tested positive too. Our local health officials have expressed their concerns over this being a live, in-person event. I believe we have the Constitutional right to hold the event live, but I also do not want anyone to get sick if we can avoid it.

I know it seems ironic that I’d be canceling a healing conference due to a sickness outbreak. If it was just me, I believe that if I touch someone, they’ll catch my healing instead of me catching their sickness. But since the Covid-19 cases in this community have risen lately, I have to consider the safety and well-being of everyone involved. I know that God wants to heal Covid, just like every other disease, and he can do that no matter where you are!

If you’d been believing to receive your healing at this year’s Healing Is Here Conference, take heart! The kingdom of God is OPEN even if our physical doors are shut! There is no distance in the kingdom, and we see healing miracles every week through our weekly Healing School live stream. Even though you may not be able join us in person, just think of the online event as Healing Is There Too! Believe BIG! What the enemy meant for harm, the Lord is already working together for good.

How to watch the live event: Go to to watch the event, which starts at 4:00 PM (South African Time) on August 11.

How to obtain refunds: The event was free, but if you purchased a Healing Is Here meal ticket, we will give you a full refund. Just give us seven to ten days, and your refund will be processed.

It is through God’s grace that we can expect miracles, experience healing, and empower others to do the same! Learn how to take what is rightfully yours. Join us for the free live stream August 11–14!

Disease and pain have a tendency to take our focus away from who we are in Christ, and sometimes accepting an identity of weakness can seem like the only option we have. What if illness was not your identity? What if you knew that Jesus has already taken away all your afflictions and that you can experience the healing He bought for you at the cross? Well, we’ve got good news for you! Healing did not pass away with the last apostle. You can be well! Learn how to receive healing for yourself at the 2020 Healing Is Here Conference.

In addition to hearing from Andrew Wommack, Carlie Terradez, and Daniel Amstutz, you will hear testimonies from others who have been miraculously healed:

  • Niki Ochenski: Healed from five years of Fibromyalgia and constant pain.
  • Julieann Hartman: Healed from Fibromyalgia.
  • McDermott Family: The two sons, Timothy and James, were healed from Autism.
  • Merci Santos: Healed from Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Al & Angie Burhke: Crushed his pelvis from a fall and was unable to move. Healing process reduced from months to a few weeks.
  • Hannah Terradez: Healed from Eosinophilic Enteropathy.
  • Nichole Marbach: Healed from severe Bipolar Disorder and PTSD.
  • Johan & Brenda Toet: Healed from Yellow Fever; an incurable disease.
  • Raquel Hudson: Healed from Systemic Lupus and Kidney and Heart Failure.
  • Mike Hoesch: Healed from Malignant Neoplasm.

You can watch the testimonies of these speakers and others by visiting our Healing Journeys page.