April – “Complaining” by Andrew Wommack and “Fighting the Good Fight of Faith – Part Two” by Jeremy Pearsons

For April, we have two teachings from Andrew and friend of the ministry Jeremy Pearsons, from the 2019 Washington, D.C., Gospel Truth Conference. Andrew shares about God’s displeasure when we indulge self in “Complaining.” When we complain, we aren’t pleasing God. Under the Old Covenant, people were punished because of their complaining. Thankfully, we live under the New Covenant, where God gives us mercy beyond what we can imagine. But complaining still allows Satan to thrive and can spoil our attitudes toward God. Being thankful for what you have allows God to give you even more.

Jeremy’s message challenges us to think about our faith in relation to Jesus. Through the second part of his message, “Fighting the Good Fight of Faith,” Jeremy makes it clear that we cannot have faith for salvation if we don’t have faith in the Savior. Similarly, there can’t be faith for healing when there’s not faith in the Healer. Faith works by love; when you know how loved you are, faith becomes a constant in your life.

When we understand God’s heart, we are filled with faith and we won’t complain. We see this every day through the faith and love partners like you provide this ministry. Your support allows us to share these messages with the world and help them emulate God’s heart.

The Believer's Authority - Part 1 - Episode 3

Part 2

May – “How To Change” by Duane Sherriff

For May, we have a two-part teaching from ministry friend Pastor Duane Sheriff that he shared at a Charis chapel service. When we become Christians, our very nature changes, but we don’t always know how this change occurs. Change doesn’t happen because we put in the effort, because we try hard enough. The more we try to change ourselves, the more we crowd God out. It’s through the kingdom of Heaven that real change happens. We need to realize the lie of self-reliance.”

In his second part, Pastor Duane walks us through 2 Corinthians 3:18, which contains nine essential elements for us to understand the change that God brings. These steps help us to see lifelong change. From realizing that God is open to all of us, to recognizing that we change to the image we hold on to—whether of the world or of God—and to understanding that God is constantly changing us when we are open to Him. He’ll change us more by accident than we can change intentionally.”

God wants us to grow and change, and He provides the means for us to do so. Your partnership has forever changed how we reach the world with God’s love. Because of you, lives are touched and changed.”

Part 1

Part 2