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Chantelle, Pretoria

September 11, 2019

Leah , i live in Pretoria Gauteng. i have been following Andrew Wommack for a year now and he is a great teacher of the word. i have learned so much from his teachings which are a blessing to my life in general. A greater blessing is his message and book " A better way to Pray". It has changed my prayer life. i bought a few books to bless the people i love and know. now i am enjoying Financial Stewards/stewardship. looking forward to live a life of 100% surrender of ownership to God and becoming a good sterward of God.
through Adrew's teachings, my Minstry of being a Teacher of the word of God is also natured and maturing.


January 2, 2019

My family & I put our home on the market to sell it in August 2018. After that, I waited for 4 weeks to pass, before I was going to contact the estate agent to reduce the asking price. The same week that I was going to do this, I saw Andrew Wommack's program at 10h30 on a Monday on FBN (South Africa). He was teaching about speaking to your situation to change, instead of complaining about it. While the program was on, I said 'Home, be sold NOW, in Jesus' Mighty Name!'. 2 hours after the program, I got a call from the estate agent, who told me that he had a buyer who wanted to come and view the property! God is so good! We sold our home without having to drop the asking price! Thank You Jesus!


October 30, 2017

I would like to give my testimony to what God has done for me through partnership with Andrew Wommack Ministries.
I decided to partner financially with Pastor Andrew Wommack after listening to him on God TV in August 2017. The first time I saw him on TV I thought he was boring because he was always sitting down on chair so I would change channels. One day I decided to listen to him purely because I had seen him on Creflo Dollar Grace Conference and I reckoned he must be good. I can confidently say he has been the greatest treasure to unearth in the Kingdom of God. What a gifted teacher he is and I can finally say that the Gospel is indeed good news. I have caught that revelation.
I am single mother after a divorce. I had a contract job which ended in March 2017 and since I have been without constant income. However I serve on a few boards and I get paid some income although its not enough to cover most of my expenses on a monthly basis. After Pastor Andrew's teaching I am now confident that God has already supplied my work and its a matter of time before it manifests, because the supply came before the need arose. I thank God for Jesus Christ.
In August I decided to partner financially starting with an amount of R2000.00 for the Africa expansion. I felt that the growth I have acquired from this ministry in a few months warranted me to sow in this soil and I was expectant that I would get a good harvest. I have sown before in other places but perhaps I did not reap anything because of doubt and sowing without a cheerful heart. When I received the thank you letter form Pastor Andrew, he said " In this life, Jamie and I agree with the Word of God that you will reap a hundredfold on the gifts you have given (Mark 10:29-30)" This word went into my spirit and I became expectant from that moment. I thank God that the word indeed became flesh in my life because from one of the board memberships I got paid over R200,000.00 fees which to me is a hundredfold on the R2000.00 I sowed. I was expecting much less but God supernaturally supersized my return and supplied my needs. I was able to cover my expenses. God be praised forever more!!
I cannot thank God enough for Pastor Andrew, what an anointed man of God he is. I pray that God will bless him mightily so his ministry can reach the ends of the earth because it is so simple and yet true and life changing.
Glory to Jesus forever more!!!


October 17, 2017

I would just like to let Andrew Wommack know that I thank him for these audio teachings that he allows us to listen to for free.
I have learned so much truth that I have been searching for and I am now applying it in my life. He is really anointed by God to teach, and his teachings give me such revelation that it's changed me from the inside out.

Please keep it up,you are not wasting your time, I have been trying to learn these things for so long now and could not find them.
I found that the teachings out there are not giving us the knowledge to understand how to apply them in our lives, which made me very frustrated because I knew there was more.
I just want to say thank you Andrew, I want to partner with your ministry, that is my next move.
Wow, the eyes of my understanding have been opened, and I am excited about the kingdom, because I have battled to find teachings that teach us how to work the kingdom in our lives, and the word says we are to seek first the kingdom.

October 16, 2017

Woow. I am really blessed by this deep revelation. This word has ministered loudly into my spirit. More grace to you MoG as you continue to be a blessing in this dark world.


October 16, 2017

I am a 21 year old youth from Johannesburg,South Africa whose life has been touched by Andrew Wommack's teachings. The very first time i heard Andrew was on television around March or April 2017 when he was teaching on the subject of The Sovereignty of God. I was depressed and things were not going well in my life at that time and the teaching which i grew up with that says God controls everything made me worse because i couldn't understand how a loving God could make my life to be like this, but once i started listening to Andrew teach that God doesn't control everything and that we live in a fallen world where bad things happen to us, then i was freed from that wrong thinking that says that God controls everything and i was freed from my depression as i listened to your teaching and realized that God is not the cause of my problems but is my solution and i also realized that i was in the situation i was because of my own foolishness which set me free because if i'm the problem then i can change myself and do things right of which i did.Thank you Andrew for your simplistic teaching of the word of God and thank you also for your free teachings, they have changed my life.

Cape Town

October 12, 2017

God is so Good!


Was blessed to be able to listen to today's tele broadcast twice.   It was one of the best I have heard, although they are all life giving, encouraging, and life changing.   Andrew asked that people phone in to encourage him;  it was obviously not easy for him to counter all the erroneous beliefs today.   Please tell him from this old age pensioner in Port Alfred Eastern Cape, that if I miss one single broadcast I am bereft.   Today's teaching was so impactful and powerful and I thank God for gifting Andrew with the ability he has to use simple language to get such powerful truths across.   God picked the right person for the job!   He must never ever doubt that what he is doing is saving lives all around the world and not only that, but steering us on the right course, time after time.   It is so easy to get sucked into the wrong teaching which becomes a subconscious behavioural pattern.   Andrew sets me straight with such conviction and truth that there is never ever any doubt in my mind or heart that he is telling God's absolute truth.   I thank him from the bottom of my heart today and every day.   May he continue in strength, wisdom and the ability and love to continue what he is doing.

- Glenys



I have seen Andrew on tv a number of years, but I never paid any attention to him, I thought he was to deep and he looked tired and bored. Around maybe November last year I felt prompted to listen to his program, I found myself interested and recorded the message and I suddenly became hooked. I loved what he was teaching and he gave such practical steps to walking in all God has for us. Since then I have not missed a broadcast. I was extremely angry at myself for not following Andrew earlier until I visited his website and now I've spent hours listening to his archive events and especially healing School. Thank you so much for those archives I have been forever changed. I feel like I've not missed anything and I'm experiencing such grace and peace in my life.

I'm planning to start healing school in my community and I'm excited about the many testimonies that will come out of healing school.

Andrew and Jamie, thanks for your generosity and thanks for your faithfulness, I pray for you often. Thanks for the many books you've written, in the short time that I've followed you, I've been able to equip myself with many of your resources.

May God richly bless you as you bless us constantly.

Love you

- Mercia



I opened my media player on my laptop to find some teachings of Andrew Wommack. I don't know how it got there as I have not heard of Andrew before. Not sure what to expect I opened and listened to one of the teachings. Wow was I inspired and excited about all the revelations that has been revealed to me. I am looking at the Gospel in a whole new light. I now believe the Lord has led me to these teachings as I have been praying for renewed revelation of His word. You are a great blessing in our lives. You are a great inspiration. We love you with the love of the Lord. Wishing all of God's blessing in your ministry. well done.

- Colleen



Thank you & thank God for using Andrew Wommack & giving him a ministry that has changed my life & has renewed my mind everyday through the daily broadcast & other resources. I don't walk out my house without hearing Andrew Wommack minister the Word of God with power! You as a team are changing lives in a big way. Always smile for God is a rewarder of such selfless service.

Solid Love

- Lwanda



I was born and bred into a lovely, warm God fearing family. Unfortunately, I left God for many years until this year when I decided I should go back. I started reading the Bible once more, trying to revive my faith in God. It was two weeks back while in Library, when something inside me told me to go look at the religious side. I came across the book, GRACE - The Power of the Gospel and I must confess that I have never heard the Gospel the way it is explained in the book. I really was of an opinion that God moves proportionally to my performance and the guilt always killed me when I fought a loosing battle. I also checked its context against the Scriptures and I am satisfied that it tells the truth.

- Celani



I would like to say to Andrew that his messages have been much aid in setting me free. I am starting to prosper financially, I am prospering emotionally, I now understand HIS love for me and I am improving in the area of health.

Andrew, it is my dream to see you in the flesh one day so when you come to South Africa, consider visiting the Gauteng Province. Gauteng is the economic house of South Africa and the province of the capital city which is where I live.

Love you a lot and may you grow from glory to glory Amen.

- Ali



Hi Andrew.

I do hope that God has kept you and your family safe thus far and you are still continuing in doing the word of God. I just wanted to tell you that you have been such an inspiration to me for the past 2 years which have been years when i really God to understand God in a unique way. You know i am one of those who came to Christ forced by difficullt circumstances. I was a victim of very powerfull whitchcraft. I person had really been working hard to tu.rn me in to zombie ( i.am not sure you would understand what that is but just to put it in perqpective i have .been considered mad at home at some point and would at time run away and hide underneath the lake) but as a result of that spiritual fight i had to continually protect myself using medicine from a spiritual medium. The problem is these were very powerfull medicines and ended up affecting my life. I therefore had to take a decision to stop taking that took a risk of leaving my life in Gods hand. This was a huge risk at the time if one had to consider likely consequenses but Jesus has not dissapointed me.

In the last two years i had my last baby and she was born with a dissability in the lower spinal area. I remembered your testimony about how your faith reversed your child death. I therefore began to have faith that my child would not have that dissability. She was born on a saturday and was supposed to see a specialist on monday who would then advice if its something he will operate on or if its pemanent. I.then began to pray the whole night of saturday and by the time morning came i could feel so much power in myself i the went to the hospital to pray over the child and you guessed it, by the time the specialist came on monday he could not find anything wrong with the child.

I thank God for people like you and.would like you to know you are making real changes to people even in this.part of the world. It is such a.pity that a channel which used to broadcst you has been discontinued but i continue to follow you online. May God continue to streangthen you and would like you to read this berse Acts 6:7.

- Siphiwe



May I take this opportunity to thank you for sending me the Daily devotional messages in the past and the current year.
They are a powerful tool in the Kingdom of God.

May God richly bless you and the entire ministry.

- Joseph



Dear Man of God

Pastor Andrew you may not fully grasp the impact that you have in Africa especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. The simple manner in which you are used of the Lord to explain Bible truths and your sharings on Facebook are so refreshing. I have become so connected to your posts on Facebook.

I just want to say thank you from a heart filled with gratitude for obeying the heavenly vision that God laid in your heart. May the Lord continue to use you in a mighty way to bring forth Biblical truths in a manner that continually enlivens our faith.

- Ian



Dear Pastor Andrew,

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and I have never been to your church.

I lived with depression for most of my life. Late last year and the beginning of this year was particularly hard and I was on and off antidepressants.

On the morning of the 24 April 2014, I woke up at about 4am and decided to switch on the TBN channel and you were preaching. I started to listen and then you said that there is a lady sitting in bed and listening to me. God says that you need to seed your need. If you are suffering from depression, God says find someone depressed and start ministering to them, if you are struggling with finances find someone with a financial need and bless them. This is not about you but about God.

I was so shocked because at that moment I turned up the volume as I felt in my spirit that you were talking to me. I'd been a child of God since 1998 but I was depressed from time to time and I'd also studied psychology and am actually a practising clinical psychologist but I suffered silently.

That very same day, God presented an opportunity to minister to my brother in law who came to spend the night at my house and actually shared that he was depressed. There and then, God took over and I started to minister to my brother in law. I was quoting scriptures I never knew I could even remember and that is also the day I got my healing and deliverance from depression.

Since that day, I have never experienced depression again, never taken any antidepressants too! On top of that God is using me in my own practice to minister the word of God and I am seeing people being delivered and healed of anxiety, depression.

I want to take this opportunity to thank God for leading you to deliver me from my bondage and I pray that God may continue to use you and to bless your family and your ministry going forward.

I am currently believing God for a house and actually this morning (12 December 2014) you came on the show again and read Psalms 78:41 and preached about how we limit God with our thinking. The house I am believing God for is really beautiful, big and in the right part of Johannesburg. Like you said in the program this morning, at times I don't talk about it due to the fear that it might not happen. Thank you for sharing this word this morning because now I know I could be limiting God with my thoughts.

Yours in Christ

- Lindiwe




I just want to bring you a special word of thanks. The Lord is awesome.

I am a mobile adjuster and I had to do a claim 200km away from my hometown and when I visited the clients and they started by saying its their own fault that they had the loss, I was tickled and asked them about it. There answer was an open door to me as they answered that loss occurred due to their negligence of not praying / spoken life before they left their house. It happened that we spoke for 3 hours around the gospel and when I left them, they gave me a memory stick with your teachings on it. On my way back to my home town, I’ve listened to 2 preaches and stopped immediately at my friends work with the good news.

My friend had rheumatoid arthritis and used a lot of pills and we kept on praying for healing but nothing happened. After listening to your teachings, we started make it our own and started living in the love of God and His goodness. She spoke to her problem and took the faith and stopped using all her pills which included chemo therapy pills. Normally after not taking the pills, after 4 hours she would have been in a lot of pain, but after speaking to her problem and stand on God’s Word, she is healed completely.

We started talking to other congregation members of what we’re learned and a revival has started at our church. Another of of congregation members, who was in a wheel chair for 5 years, got up and started walking when she put her trust in the Lord and accepted His healing power which was given to us 2000 years ago.

I wanted to share this with you and pray God’s blessings over your family and your ministry.

May God bless you.

- Charmaine



I cant believe this I my mom went to shop to see that man who nephew Ruaan had cancer and is 4 years old He rushed to her to tell her the story for glory no cancer no trace of it in his body and the whole family are amazed so AM I , I heard about the miracle of Andrew Wommack with his son on Creflor Dollar show and that is when I thought cant he help this man Andre and it worked I cant believe this you have helped heal this little boy of Cancer I do alot of dreams for the world as I was given a gift to see things in my dreams and I have watched Andrew Wommack on television but I never thought this would ever happen through me what a blessing to say thank you for speeding up this healing I dreamt that this family is going to celebrate this life of Ruaan and that it was all through the view of having this opportunity to contact you thank you so much I will send so many dreams now to tell you more of how a person heals in gods two way energy one energy goes through the physical body from the inner child and that is the creative source the other energy goes around in the speeding up of energy and it takes you to the heart where god is that is the strong belief and if you have those two energies you will get healed but the centre of all the belief is in the blood of Jesus which circulates our heart beating and is felt by us all in this universe so you healed some one from America and this person lives in South Africa it can happen Ruaan is the evidence of how strong that belief was to carry across many oceans of water into the heart system of this little boy thank you I am so grateful and indebted to you for speeding up this healing to happen to this family we are so happy that this has happened and it is my first experience of this and it has changed my life.

- OB



Dear Andrew & Jamie

Wishing you and yours, plus everyone at AWM, a truly blessed thanksgiving.

I give thanks to the Lord for you and your ministry which has greatly impacted my life and that of so many others throughout the world. Listening to your broadcast nearly every day I have truly learned so much and (I sincerely believe) have grown in faith and knowledge of Him/His word as a result. For this I am more grateful than words could hope to express.

May the Lord continue to use you even more powerfully in the years ahead and may you continue to experience His wonderful favour and grace in every aspect of your life and ministry.

Thank you again for all you have brought to the Kingdom and may our precious Lord prosper and bless you more than you could ever ask or think.

With deep gratitude

- Dawn



I'm inspired and motivated by the word of truth and tears of joy has filled my heart for what the Lord has done for us. May the Lord keep expanding Reverend Andrew  in the name of Jesus.

- Shepherd



I have been following your teachings and I must say I thank God for raising you up. The love of God in you is so evident even in your teachings. I live in South Africa and I pray that one day you could come and visit us. I pray God gives you more and more wisdom and revelation.

I Thank God, in Jesus name may you be truly blessed.

- Thando



I am so exited about AWMSA as I have been listening to the teaching serious called (you've already got it, so quit trying to get it ) I've Been so blessed by Pastor Andrew's teaching and can honestly say my thinking has been transformed so much so that I have been reading up on the bible school and myself and my wife are considering enrolment as we believe that God has called us to equip ourselves for the working of the ministry. 2 Tim 2:15.

- Wibsey



Hello Andrew Wommack,

My mom is a great reader and stumbled on your books in the library and was blown away by the things that you had written in your book. She gave me the books to read and I too have gained such a lot of understanding. So we wanted to say Thank You Lord Jesus for using Andrew Wommack for the extension of your beautiful Kingdom.

May the Lord bless you richly as you continue to be workers in His field.

Blessings to you,

- Milnerton



Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to sow in such good soil.
As a farmer, I know that the same seed sown in poor soil, yields poor returns.
I never sow without expecting a return! (In real life as a farmer)

I now look to God as my only source to provide the next seed, and to Him as the One who multiplies my faith seed for an abundant harvest!

I have been a very faithfull tither in my younger days, then stuff happened and I sort of just lost faith in tithing. I felt that I could put the money to better use, right here where it matters... School fees, feul, bills, food, wages, etc, etc... I grew accustomed to NOT giving my tithe at all. It seemed to be OK with God. I still had a good relationship with Him, still loved Jesus as my best friend and experienced His presence whenever I engaged in worship/prayer. So, money did not seem to be such an issue regarding spiritual things. I did not give much, and I expected even less, in fact I did not expect anything as a result of my giving. I have been content with the scraps and sorry state of my affairs, feeling that this was earth and I am not from here. I have a better place, kingdom citizen...

But the love of Jesus convinced me that I must look toward His harvest field on earth. I am allowed to plant in that lucrative soil and gain an eternal harvest.
I had a tough time dealing with the guilt of not sowing/tithing for such a long time. Feeling I am in debt with heaven. Feeling that I am in arrears on tithing by thousands of rands! How am I going to pay that off? And only then may I expect the Lord’s favour.... It was tough lies to counter.

And then, in a flash, the Holy Spirit showed me a seed of maize. Next, a fully grown maize plant with its fruit and said to my heart: ”The seed produces when it is sown...” It doesn't remember that you have not sown it in the previous season, but it will grow when you plant it. One may have a lot of seed, but you will have no harvest (multiplication/miracles) until that seed is planted. And once planted, the miracle happens! 30, 60 and 100fold... All to be sown again in order to expand the Kingdom of God, kick out darkness and reign and rule in that area where you have been assigned to. I am excited! Angels works these fields and they never go on labour strikes! I am excited! People like Andrew have toiled and laboured all his life to prepare such a field and opens it up to us in this late hour of the day, inviting us to come and join in the labour and be rewarded by Jesus.

I sincerely pray that AWM reaches its full purpose in South Africa through thorough word-based teaching on the truth that sets all sinners free! Thank you for your labour and time that you invest in maintaining this office.

- South Africa


Dear Pastor Andrew,

I just dropped this email to thank you.

I listen to the audio teachings on your website and on Bible Cities (Rev Slyde Moran) daily, over and over and over and my life is just great! I went through being homeless, unemployed and in dire straights, I now own a car (paid up), work with my sister in her business and I got a lease on a flat (miraculously). I don’t rely on my income no more, because when I look at what I achieve every month, its beyond my small income. I now live on Gods’ provision and it’s just amazing.

The Word always works.

Thank you

- Ferndale



Hello Andrew,

I just wanted to thank you for your audio teachings. I have been walking a path with our Lord for a little while now and was turned on to your audio teachings by a friend in Christ. Well, I am so fired up after downloading some of your teachings, especially The Believers Authority series. I cannot wait to get to work healing the sick, raising the dead and preaching the Gospel and then let you know how it is going. Thank you so much for blessing me with your free audio teachings and know that when I am in a position to give back I will certainly do so.

- East Rand



I actually owe you a testimony. I got promoted at work from 01 July 2014 and got 150% salary increase. The power of Our God, All the glory to Jesus.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.

- Weltevreden Park



Dear Uncle Andrew,

I have been reading the Bible since i was a little boy and grow up in a home were my parents gave me the platform i needed.
I also had the understanding that i had no input into my own life but was to live as faithful as possible to win God,s favour. The 10 Commandments was read out every Sunday in church before every service and as a kid i always wondered how will i possibly keep them.I never stopped believing in salvation but had no knowledge of how blessed my life could be. I spent most my life reading the bible and praying,mostly for things that i needed.This basically became routine and i never made any progress in the Word of God . I gained allot of knowledge regarding bible history and knew who every body in the bible was but never had any super natural occurrence of any kind.
I believed in God but saw Him as an angry God that punishes and shows very little mercy.

By the Grace of God all of this changed.

Well i got hold of some of your audio teachings through a friend and started listening and checking the Bible to make sure that what i am hearing is true. I started watching you on You-tube and at the end of one of your teachings i also had the urge to accept the invitation to receive the Holy Spirit.I followed you in prayer and did all you instructed but nothing happened.
I uploaded your audio teachings onto my car radio and listened to you every day on my way to work and back.
This has been an absolute blessing in my life ,i shared this with my wife and some of my co workers and the feedback that i have received is only positive.
Most of us now sit and listen to your audio teachings during lunch hour and i can see the positive change that the Word of God is now bringing about in our lives.

I know that all that has happened is not by any Human,s hand but by the Grace and Power of our Lord Jesus but i would like to thank you for making these teachings available and setting an example to us.

Your hard work and faithfulness to God is bearing fruit and has given me a new outlook on life and i find it difficult not to spent time in the Word on a daily basis.

Your Brother in Christ

- South Africa



Dear Andrew,
My applause for your teaching is sincere and heartfelt and totally appreciative !!!!
I am so grateful to hear the Bible being taught so strongly and faithfully, thank you Andrew, never give up !!!
I am so grateful you have drawn a line and are standing and standing on the Truth of God’s word.
Thank fully i am at last getting discipled (even if at a distance. ) I just love my AWM tv programs and workbooks and their/your guidance to enjoy greater depth in my study.
Thank you for lifting me up!!!
Thank you for not going the way of flesh when you were in the soldier’s barracks and thank you for setting an amazing example of standing against temptation !!!
In His amazing and awesome love and grace and mercy.
Warmest blessings




Dear Andrew Wommack.
I have been watching you on Daystar for more than a year now, and your teachings have blessed me from day one. I can say many things that is not the reason am writing this letter. But am writing this to say two things that can explain and express my thoughts and feelings about you, and those words are THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU.

-South Africa



Hope this email finds you well.
Thank you for all the prayers.
Just want to give you feed back. Our God is GREAT, I found a job, with better salary, benifits and better working hours. God blessed me!!!! All the glory and hounor to Him.
Be blessed.




I remember that day I came across Andrew on TBN and i had been listening to different Ministers on that channel but his teaching was so different, i felt lyk his approach was take it or leave it,no apologies and I realised that was because he was teaching the truth,that was last year and then one day, this year (2014)around february,his name just came to mind out of the blue and I googled him and like they say,the rest is history, I have been glued to Andrew's teachings since. The most important teaching from Andrew has been the authority we have as christians ,being able to speak to our mountains and lastly the Power of the tongue. Thank you Andrew for helping us know God better.Watch this space for my testimony of a restored relationship and the manifestation into a blessed marriage very soon.......

-South Ossetia


I want to thank you for the wonderful inspirational newsletter received in May concerning the fact that you’ve already got it. I get up at 04:30 in the morning HERE IN South Africa - still in a sleep daze - in order to record Andrew. His calm presence and explanation of the Word means so much to me. Please don’t stop sending his monthly letters – I did not receive one for June.
May God bless your ministry.



Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

Last week I sent an email to you asking for an prayer of agreement with regards to the tender I was bidding for.Praise God I was awarded the tender!!! Thank you for prayer.

God Bless

- Pongola



Pray all's well. Just to let you know a young couple in our church were having a problem and he was drinking and his family treated him like an out cast, but Norma and saw something else in him. We gave him a lot of love and he called us his uncle and aunty, he would come to church once or twice a month and one Sunday we told him i was having trouble with my bakkie and he said he would come and have a look as he was a trained mechanic. He came and helped me and got it going and while he was here Norma and I both heard the Holy Spirit say to us give him a book!! I knew instinctively it was one of Andrews books, I went to the book shelf and my hand reached to "Effortless Change" and we gave that to him to read. A week later he phoned and asked can he keep it longer he is reading all the scriptures slowly and making notes, and he never knew about how God loved him. The next Sunday he came up to us, he was bubbling with excitement and he gave us a bone crushing hug and said "my uncle" you will never know what this book has done to me. His wife has changed, they are like a honey moon couple and his mom wants to read the book too as she cannot believe the change in her son. The next Sunday he asked the pastor if he could help in serving communion. I believe he has ordered the study guide for the book. We have heard that friends of the family cannot also believe the change in them even the father, who is not a church goer, is now attending. God bless Andrew!!!! Because Norma and I are so positive in our attitude and advice we give, folk are coming to us for advice and prayer and all because of Andrews teaching, he has made us aware of who we are in Christ and his love for us.
Sorry this is so long but I had to give you some back ground to see the miracle that has taken place with a family that was breaking up.

- Winklespruit



Please find attached the very long awaited translation of "Effortless Change"!

It was an incredible blessing to translate this book. For the past 15 years I have translated many, many Christian books, but have never been touched or changed in this way. Please tell him this.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I pray that my translation will bless others.



Just to let you know that listening to your CD's have resulted in people getting saved healed delivered and enlightened! Thank you - our age group is 50's - 70's

Prayers and Blessings




Thank you so much for your quick reply and your kind en encouraging words of blessing! I so appreciate it!

Andrew Wommack Ministry has really changed my life since I started listening to Andrew's teachings in 2010. Thank you for every one of you that is a part of this wonderful, powerful and life-changing ministry! May all of SA hear the wonderful good news of the grace of our Lord!Wishing you, personally, a prosperous year in every area of your life!

All the best




I am originally from Rhodesia now Zimbabwe and have been in the uk since 1997

I have been dismayed by people in the uk as I have supplied quite a few with Andrew's books but not one has come back to me even saying what they thought I think it is the benefit system here and they do not have to exercise much faith or they hold to the traditions and teachings of their churches not ready to "rock the boat"

about 3 weeks ago I received a message from my ex to please call her and pray for her as she had twisted her foot badly and had a lot to do the next day and could put no pressure on her foot. I did call her and pray for her and the next day received a message from her that "soon after praying for her" the pain left and the next morning was completely healed

this was not the end. she then contacted me to ask again for prayer and this time I said no she must do it herself. I started to lead her in prayer and noticed her voice was very soft and meek and I asked her who she was talking to, and to speak in a voice of authority. I did say to her, use the same voice you would use if you were angry with me. she had been bitten by some insect and her foot had swollen up and was very uncomfortable. we finished, and the next day I received a message that the swelling had gone, her foot was well, and all that was left was the bite mark from the insect. please from what I have said here do not think my ex is a fighter, quite the contrary, she is a wonderful woman and speaking harshly is not in her make up

it was not to end here the next thing she called and asked me if I would pray for a lady with cancer, and I said yes but she was to be present. however, before i could do this it was laid on my heart to tell my ex to give this lady 4 of her books to read. one of these was "a better way to pray", and this lady cannot believe what she has been reading. it has been 3 weeks now and I have just received a message that the ladies cancer pains have gone, but what I also did not know was this lady also had problems with her foot, that was swollen and the bone was sticking out. the bone is now going back in to place and the swelling has gone

Praise God what a mighty God we serve

I did not have to pray for this lady, she just followed what was being taught in Andrew's book, as did I have to learn




I watch The Andrew Wommack broadcast every weekday on TBN and it is always a blessing, but today i give GOD the glory for hearing and answering my prayers. My daughter has eczema and the itching and scratching drives her crazy, she is 2 years old and had it when she was 1 years old and i have been prayer and fasting and believing for GOD to supernaturally heal her, because the creams and ointments doesn't help and today was a testimony of just such a situation on the show and i claimed that healing for my daughter and prayed over her heart and i believe that GOD has answered my prayer and for that i give GOD all the Honour and Glory for healing Kimberley. AMEN.

- South Africa





Greetings again!

Thank u! Thank u! Thank u!

Some time ago I prayed to God to link me with fellow Christians who would add value to my journey with the Lord, particularly as I get closer to fulfilling His will for my life by serving Him fulltime. You won’t believe how much Andrew Wommack Ministries has helped shape my Christian life. Andrew’s articles, A Place Called There, Lessons from Elijah, to name but a few, have helped me to put things into perspective regarding what is unfolding in my Christian life. It is my sincere wish that I will be counted among the students of the Charis Bible College sooner rather than later to prepare myself for what God is calling me to do.

My twitter account is overflowing with the evidence of some of the things I have learnt from Andrew Wommack Ministries.

Thank u again & God bless!

- East London



Thank you so much Andrew for your book the War is Over. It just added so much understanding of the good to be true gospel of what God has done for us at the cross. My preaching and teaching of the gospel that liberates souls is making many people wonder which Bible school I went to. Our ministry is growing everyday and we are touching so many people and God is miraculously healing many. We thank God for you and your entire minisrty team, may the grace and peace of God be multiplied to you today and forever more.

-South Africa 



Thank you for Spirit, Soul and Body  series it has changed the way i think. Grace and Peace




Thank you for Spirit, Soul and Body  series it has changed the way i think. Grace and Peace




Good day,

I just want to say thank you for these teachings, I am so grateful, I was diagnosed with cancer early this year and have been very sick and could not get out to church, but you have brought it to me, and through your teaching I have grown in my relationship with our Lord and so far all my test results have come back NEGATIVE, PRAISE GOD, n YES, by His stripes I AM Healed.

Thanks a Million. GOD BLESS




I am seeing so much blessing first of all in the word that I am receiving from this ministry as well the financial benefits of partnership. I thank God for this ministry.

-Harare, Zimbabwe 



Thank you very much for the daily Devotional- I really enjoy it!




I thank you for the gift you gave me, my life has been changed, now i know why i have been strugling to receive from God. I Thought all along God responds because i have done right. Now i know that all i will ever need is already provided i just need to believe.




I saw the newsletter and it looks excellent, but which teaching is not awesome from Andrew. He really has changed my life and that of my daughter.

We are really blessed by his ministry.




Good day!

I would like to thank you for your faithfulness (Andrew, Jamie and ministry employees), in getting the word of God out!
During the past year God's word has really come alive to me and letting people know that God is good, and only good, is burning in me!
I have been listening to many of the free podcasts on my ipod at every opportunity, and have recently started supporting the ministry and sharing resources with people who need it. God's Word and everything makes so much more sense when you know God's true nature, where bad stuff comes from, what your role is in seeing God's plan to come to pass, etc. Yay!!!

Personally unfortunately I went through a divorce a few years ago, but God has done an incredible work of restoration and I married a wonderful godly man last year. I stand amazed at what God has done in the past year!
I believe the Lord has re-awakened the desire to homeschool our 3 children (12, 10, nearly 8) and am praying that my ex will agree.

May you walk in all that God has for you, Andrew Wommack Ministries!

Love and blessings




Andrew's message has really changed our lives and the ones around us.




Thank you for blessing me daily! I really am so hungry for your message of grace Each day and feel my hungry heart has been fed as I finish the daily devotional teachings.

Many blessings




I have read Andrew’s book THE NEW YOU AND THE HOLY SPIRIT and I want to thank you for the change it brought to my understanding of the truth. But still I find it difficult to encounter Being Baptized in Holy Spirit. And if there is one thing that I would ask of my Lord, it would be to be an instrument in the hands of the Most High. Please would you guys pray with me for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in my life. I do work among a lot of people who look up to me for spiritual leading, but I cannot give to them what I have not received. Please Lord, please baptize me with your spirit. I love you Lord with all my heart. Here I am. You can send me!!!! AMEN.




I just want to say that the Effortless Change book is so awesome, cos it showed me how I keep missing the mark, I can't wait to root the WORD of GOD in my heart, I love the authority that was used in getting the message across, with your revelation my eyes and heart have been opened and the WORD of GOD seems so much more accessible, especially now that I will read every scripture knowing that GOD knew me so long ago, and that HE took time out of HIS Schedule, just to write to me.

Thank you for making me understand GODS WORD and showing me how to cultivate the different areas of my life using HIS PROMISES.




Hello Mr Andrew wommack,

I would like to encourage you because the Lord Jesus our God taught me a lot with the power of Hope.
I usually follow your program.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

-South Africa 



I greet you in the wonderfull name of Jesus,

I listen to your programe every morning on our DSTV and enjoy your preaching so much. What I love about your sermons is that you do not hold anything back and your say it as it is. You do not beat about the bush either and that is what I love about your sermons....you inspire me so much with the word.

Thank you for the word and may God bless you with a double portion.....

-South Africa 



Dear Andrew,

Hi in the Name of Jesus from South Africa. I don't know whether you will get this e-mail or not. Yet I still feel obliged to send you this mail just to express my gratitude and sincere thanks for making available you teachings online and free of charge.

I am from Pretoria, South Africa and has been listening to your audio teachings for a long time now since the Lord took me on this wonderful new journey about two years ago. As is true in many parts of the world, South Africa has been mislead by the religious church and traditional premises for so many years. We have been taught all the wrong and contrary stuff for ages and ages. It is only now that blind eyes are being opened and deaf ears are being unplugged. Oh, how glorious the freedom of our Lord Jesus is! GtG! That's where your audio teachings are making such a big impact! We are fortunate in this day and age to receive through available media types a host of good teaching, including yourself, Joseph Prince, Creflo Dollar, Kennith Copeland, John G Lake, etc, etc. together with one or two awesome local Truth preachers such as Jan Brand. The Holy Spirit started teaching me these absolute truths (of our Lord Jesus) a couple of years ago through our outreaches - we run a small hospital ministry on a part time basis and as we started on the journey the Lord just supernaturally brought these teachings to us. GtG! I am still astonished at how this happened.

This morning in the parking basement in the building where I work I got out of my car and was truly amazed at what I heard. I usually have to go past a section in the basement reserved for the fleet vehicles of quite large laboratory company. Quite a few technicians work in this area servicing cars and attending to general maintenance work. As I left my car the car radio shut down with your voice still ringing in my mind on one of your teachings. However, as I walked through the technical area I kept hearing your voice louder and louder. This was freaky. To my surprise I discovered that one of the technicians had a car standing with doors wide open playing one of your audio teachings for all to hear. HalleluYAH! Praise the Lord that the Truth is coming to people even as they work ... even under ground ... for everyone passing by to hear. GtG!

Truly Romans 1:16 springs to mind and may this be true throughout the world today that we all may echo:
"For I Am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek." HalleluYAH!!

Thank you that what you have received freely, you are willing to share and give ever so freely!

- Pretoria 



Dear Andrew Wommack Ministries,

I have not thanked you for your email and for blessing me with God's kind of Love cds. I am so blessed and I don't even know where to begin to tell you how happy I am. The spirit of death that has been consuming me has been broken. The lump on my back is getting smaller and I am just rejoicing for I shall live to proclaim the goodness of God. I will keep you up to date regarding my situation, but I know that I have been healed by the stripes of Jesus. So I don't care as to what my body is telling me, all I know and believe is what the Lord has done for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing God to use you is such a mighty way.

God bless you my sister and have a blessed day.

- Randberg 



Just want to let you know what a wonderful ministry you have and how it is impacting people all over the world. Known the Lord for 31 years but, my goodness, what I have learnt from your teaching is revolutionary and I share with others whenever I can. Sat under wonderful ministry all these years but your teaching is really something else. God bless you and yours and thank you for being the blessing you are.

Wish you would start a church here in Durban!

One other thing that greatly impressed me is your generosity. Dont know of anyone else who is prepared to give away free ministry items to those who cannot afford them or dont want to pay for them. And to refuse an increase because you have more than enough! Well - that is unheard of. The Lord must boast of you all the time Andrew and I know you must be such a delight to him.

May He continue to bless you and yours and may you continue to be the amazing blessing you ar e. You are changing the world like no one else I know of.

- Durban 



Good day

I have a testimony I would love to share with you all. I have been a Christian for over 6 years now. It would not be boasting for me to say that my knowledge and understanding of scripture is not that of an average modern day Christian. My knowledge and understanding of Scripture has always been way ahead of my peers even that of those who were and are my spiritual leaders and teachers. I guess like the Psalmist I also owe it to the time I spend meditating on the Word of God (Ps 118). As a gift of the spirit, I also believe that I got the gift of revelation which is what drew me to Andrew Wommack. On far too many occasions to mention, Andrew Wommack is the only one I have come across to confirm all of my personal revelations and most of the time with such striking similarities that it was nothing short of pure evidence of God’s working. I started to trust and rely on Andrew’s teachings which I had access to through the website and the free CD policy. I grew Spiritually so much that at one point I thought there was nothing else to learn as far as scripture was concerned. Was I wrong or what!!

One of Andrew’s teachings that I had the opportunity of listening to was The Power of Partnership. From what I learnt from that teaching, I decided to partner with Andrew Wommack Ministries. Because of the benefit I had received from your free CD policy I wanted to promote it so that someone else could benefit from it the way I did so I started a Grace Partnership. I paid my first fee towards the end of May 2012 and paid the second fee a couple of weeks later in June. At that point I was really believing for a financial breakthrough as I was going through some really trying times. Yes, we did get an improvement in our financial situation. A few days after sending the first partnership fee I received a surprise call from a dealer through whom I distribute the furniture items that I make. He had managed to sell two products that had been in His shop for over six months. Not only that, another customer came in and ordered and paid deposit for yet another product. These products had not performed so well on the market to a point that I had almost given up and all of a sudden we sell three in a single day. Many would say it was coincidence which I do not believe in. I believe that it was fruit of the seed I had sown through the Grace Partnership. This was not even the best part.

Over a period of over a month, from the time I paid the second partnership fee, I received what I deem to be the most life changing revelation I have ever experienced. During my moments of prayer and meditation, I was taught on God’s unconditional love as expressed in Jesus Christ. Before this, I can say I somewhat had an idea that God loves me. It’s one thing to have an idea of God’s love and it’s another thing to have a revelation of God’s love. I got the revelation of God’s unconditional love and it indeed was the bond of perfection. This revelation brought everything together and brought to light the entire gospel of The Kingdom of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. This revelation was so overwhelming that I literally put my life at a standstill for the duration of that period. It was indeed life changing. I then did what I do with all my revelations. I went to the Andrew Wommack website to see if Andrew had anything similar so that I could take that as the testimony of a second witness. Not only were there numerous articles and audio teachings on this topic, Andrew teaching for the month of July was on that very topic. I was on the fifth of the many articles that talk about the very same thing I had received a revelation of when it hit me. This revelation I had just received was the basis of Andrew Wommack Ministries. It is what Andrew Wommack Ministries is and teaches. Andrew Wommack is a teaching ministry that emphasises on God’s unconditional love and grace. That is what I had just got a revelation of. Was it another coincidence that in all my Christian life I get such a fundamental life changing revelation only after starting partnership with Andrew Wommack Ministries? As mentioned earlier, I do not believe in coincidence. I then remembered a statement that Andrew made on the Power of Partnership teaching. He said,” ... it not only starts a flow of God’s divine financial blessing to you… It not only does that but it also starts a supernatural impartation of the blessings, the anointing the power that are upon the ministry that you have given to.” He goes on to say on the same teaching,”…there is a spiritual dynamic that ties you to the person or the ministry that you are giving to.”

I believe that the revelation that I got is sums up the blessing, the anointing, the power that is upon Andrew Wommack Ministries and I got tied to it when I partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries. I believe it works for every other ministry which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It also means that you can be tied to undesirable things in various ministries. I am grateful to have partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries and received such a life changing revelation.

This testimony is not only for other partners and potential partners to Andrew Wommack Ministries (or any other ministry that preaches the true gospel of the Kingdom of God) but it is also for Andrew (and all those that work with Andrew to get this message out to the world ) to encourage you to keep on and never tire to do good as your message is bearing good fruit throughout the world to the glory of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much and may the Good Lord continue to bless you with knowledge and understanding and the strength you need to make His name known.


- Harare, Zimbabwe



I am loving the daily devotionals from Andrew. They are a mini Bible Study for me and keep me on track with God along with his daily TV programmes. I have NEVER heard anybody who reveals God's Word the way Andrew does. You just know in your heart that he has the truth and is sharing the truth with the world. How blessed we are to be receiving his teachings. I believe in my heart that Andrew has been specially singled out for this purpose and his unique, quiet way of teaching is having a huge impact on many lives. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

- Port Alfred



Hi my Brother or Sister in Jesus,

I have two testimonies I would like to share with you, the first one has happened many years ago, but God put it on my heart to share because it's quite rare.
We were saved in 1973, first my husband and then me, just after the birth of our 4th daughter. We joined a tape library at the Hatfield church in Pretoria. Ed Raebert was quite an unique Baptist pastor, and we often visited his church and had family attend regularly. We started listening to good teaching, and eventually got some of Kenneth Hagin's books, also some of the thin ones which were easy to read, and then started to pray the prayer of the Ephesians for ourselves like he advised. We started a private Bible study group, and got some major revelations from God, as we called them: " clicks" as it was like switching on a light!

At the end of 1976 I got pregnant with my 5th child, and immediately I just realized that the painful birth was part of the curse, and was adamant that I don't have to go through that again. When the time came, for the first time in al my births, my water broke, and I then knew I had to go into the Hospital. When I got there, my baby had already "crowned" and there was no time for any of the usual. I never had any pain, just felt like you had to get to the toilet, and not even urgently! They wanted to give me pain medication but I had no pain, and my daughter was born, the biggest of all my babies!

My son got married about two years ago, and he and his wife are expecting their first baby next month. I have been witnessing to his wife about it all, and from my side is giving her all the encouragement not to listen to anybody else's tale at all, but take Jesus at His Word, that the curse has been broken and paid for.

A few weeks ago I was listening to Joyce and she told how a woman was scared of birth and that it might be painful, and she said promptly, I can assure you, it will! And my lightning fast mind grasped the fact that people don't consider it possible or even realize that it actually is part of the curse! God then having my attention at last, asked me whether I've ever heard anybody else testify that it happened to them. I was amazed that it took me so long! He then asked me, why don't you tell them then? That is what I'm doing now.
The second testimony is about my husband. We were just beginning to listen to Andrew Wommack teaching on " God's best", when he went to the dr with my son-in-law for a cough he had. For about 3 years he had this red thing on the front of his leg, and my daughter said the dr must look at that too. Happened to be a very agressive malignant skin cancer, they just took out a bit of it. Sent us to the specialist, who told us it had to be done in 2 weeks time at the most, they'll have to cut out a huge area, then put some marker into it to see to which of the lymphatic glands it goes to, and whether it has spread at all, and then he would have to have a skingraft that would be taken from his leg at the top. I was crying inside as I was sitting in the waiting room, not because of our situation, but looking at all the people coming and going who didn't even know they had another option! It is such a huge business with so little success rate.

We got all the kids together, we have 6, with their spouses, and explained it to them. Most of them were eager for us to make use of the dr's option, but I was just saying over and over, if what Jesus had done, isn't enough, what will be?! At last my youngest daughter's husband said, what are we waiting for, let's pray! ( They also listen to Andrew regularly of course!) We all joined hands and thanked Jesus for paying for the healing.

It didn't take very long for the mark to heal completely, all that's left, are the little marks of the stitches they closed it up with initially.
We are just so happy to have been listening to Andrew for so many years, and that God even got Andrew to teach on that specific subject to help us decide.
Thank you Andrew for spreading the Word!

We love you all,

- Limpopo



I LOVE to share this gospel with the body Christ, which has changed my live. I’m retired and have visited the Ukraine six times, and I’m trusting God for the finances to go in September this year, and share this word. I do counselling in our church and have applied it and see the change it brings to people lives. My prayer that my wife and my live will be a testimony of what God can do for those that  would trust Him according to His Word.   Blessings

- Vanderbijl Park 



This broadcast and programmes has been a really inspiration to my life and I must say ever since I started listening and watching Andrew his teaching reveal the simplicity of the Gospel. He has made the Gospel very exciting and enjoyable. My life and my friends has been changed and challenged by his teaching.

It’s too good to be true and is too simple even hard to explain it.

- Mbekweni



Early this year I wanted to start a business and was confused as to which one to do. I had 2 options of the business,then I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me on the one I should do,then started to pray in toungues immeditely after finish praying I received my answer.   Praise the Lord!!!

- Orkney



Dear sir,

I have downloaded all brother Wommack's teaching from the internet I'm pleased to say I'm blessed I come pentecostal background but I have learned to listen carefully and attentively to preachers I'm not easily moved by just any preacher it does'nt matter how loud and vocal they are . Mr Wommack style of preaching maybe not to everyones liking but he has revelation knowledge and his teachings are bibically sane ,sound and safe . My advise to the critics is what Jesus said.. If a scribe becomes a student he shall be like a house lord that go in and out his house and bring forth old and new gifts . Love all the way from South Africa.

- Cape Town 



Thanks for life changing teachings.

I was introduced to your ministry by someone who is apparently at your Heidelberg Bible School at present.

I am in the privileged position of being able to spread your teachings to many people during my workday.

- Cape Town 



Thank you for a wonderful article that has transformed my mind.

I am so blessed because I will be sharing this with our youth tonight.

God bless!

- Cape Town 



I just have to say that I am so spiritually lifted by what you are teaching Andrew. God is truly using you in an amazing way.  Your teaching has really built up my faith and helped to realise that God has given me some revelation regarding how small satan really is and about why Jesus had to be born as Son of man. Your teaching has really put it all into perspective for me. May God bless you and your ministry as you reveal His Truth and as you heal people in Jesus' name.

- Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. 



Good day

Thank you so much for advising me on this teaching I have started watching this with great interest and would appreciate to get the material in time to come.

I would like to mention that this teaching is so much in line with the purposes of God in our lives. My husband has also now started taking an interest in the teachings and cannot wait for the evening when we look at the downloaded teaching daily. It is interesting to note that the Lord spoke to me about a year ago and whilst reading in the word the words "finish now what you started a while ago" and to this day I cannot find those words in the scriptures in spite of diligent search. So I firmly believe that God had actually put those words on the part in Matthew Chapter 7 I was reading at the time.

Your teaching on Financial Stewardship as I say has opened up a whole new dimension the lives of the Houndsomes and in carrying forward into the project we are now bringing to fruition. A designed drain unblocking device which was patented and designed by Owen my husband and we are now trying to source finances to get the production line up now that the market research has been done. As much interest has been displayed in the product we are trusting God our source to bring the right financial partner to invest to put up an assembly line which inevitably will lead to considerable job creation especially directed at the people living below the bread line and have been impoverished by circumstances.

Thank you so much for this teaching every day and we will keep following it with much interest. This scripture was given to Owen in 2004 and no one was able to explain it to him despite having our own home church group and I will still talk about this when I am able to visit you in Heidelberg. In the interim we needs earnest prayer and supplication to keep the faith and thanks to you Andrew and Jamie God is speaking directly to Owen and me by your teaching. It is definitely directed at us and very helpful indeed. God Bless you as you will always be number one in our lives as we live for the Lord now and not for ourselves and are trying our utmost to live the spiritual way.

I will keep in touch with you as I value the way in which the Bible has come alive in my life and Owen is getting there too. He told me that he has a long way to go and I try to encourage him as much as possible and believe God is working mightly in his life.

The teachings are 3 study guides I still want to get but need to purchase these. Trusting it will be soon as I am studying to disciple people and help them the way in which the teachings have helped me.

Thank you once again

In Jesus

- Gordons Bay 



Dear Andrew & Jamie

Thank you for your Easter e-card and I decree over you all the blessings the Lord has for you in Christ Jesus, not just today but always.

May I also take this opportunity to express how very much your ministry means to me. I watch you via TBN and the God Channel and have honestly learned so much, all of which I pass on to others at every opportunity.

I also appreciate the fact that you dont yell, scream or spit to make your point (one has to wonder how much of this is the anointing and how much is the flesh) but come across with a quiet, yet firm, confidence and authority in the Lord and His Word. I am also touched by your kind generosity and the fact that you aren't always begging for money.

The testimonies I have heard on your broadcasts from those who have taken your ministry to heart and done what the word says is just phenomenal and such an encouragement. Its a change of thinking and mind-set to all who desire to progress in the Lord and receive all He has for us.

I am very grateful for your ministry Andrew. Just simple yet, truly, so profound. All God's word but what a difference it makes when one receives a true revelation which changes the way you think and believe!

My heart's desire is that the Lord continues to bless and keep you, enlarges your ministry (the place of your tent) and increases the anointing upon your life. That's for starters! Each week I pray for you (and yours) and whatever I feel led of the spirit to bring before the Lord.

Thank you again for all you bring to the Body of Christ. You are much needed and greatly appreciated. With love and appreciation in Christ Jesus.

- Durban



Good Morning Sir,

Hope this finds you keeping well. I am writing to you from Johannesburg, South Africa just to say a prayer for you.

I just watched your teaching on the power of imagination and the effect it has on our life as believers keeping the fullness of GOD in us and maintaining our healing. I have been blessed by this teach and i just want to pray that GOD will continue to fill you with wisdom, grace, favour and the power of the Holy Spirit to continue to abound in the work of the Master.

GOD bless you and increase you sir. You are indeed a blessing and an inspiration. Thank you very much and keep well.

- Johannesburg



Thank you very much for loving, caring, sharing and giving. The ministry of AWM has made a difference and impact upon my life. I was initialy attracted in the area of prayer. I was praying the wrong way with fear motive. Thanks for the free cd's. I have learnt new truth especialy after reading, Our identity with Christ. I am equiped to make a difference in my own world. The Lord increase you more and more as you move from strength to strength and from glory to glory in 2012.

- Limpopo



Hi Andrew and Jami,
From two people in whose lives you made a big difference, we would like to congratulate you on your 39th anniversary. May you experience everything He did on the cross for you, in abundance, in your lives. You’re teachings are so special for us.We love you!
We are involve through your South Africa office but currently visiting our children in Vancouver, Canada.
Enjoy God’s kind of love!

- Hartenbos