April - The Fear of The Lord by Andrew Wommack

For April’s message, we’re sharing a brand-new teaching given by Andrew at the 2020 Phoenix Gospel Truth Conference. It’s called “The Fear of the Lord.” Andrew starts out by acknowledging that it’s not everybody’s favourite subject at first. We know God as a God of love, so where does this concept of fear fit with the Gospel of Good News? Andrew takes us on a scriptural journey to give us a grace-filled perspective on how the fear of the Lord applies to every part of our lives. Prepare to be blessed as you listen!

May - Running With God’s Help by Tony Dungy

This month, we’re pleased to present a message from Tony Dungy, NFL analyst and former coach of the Indianapolis Colts, who he led to a Super Bowl victory in 2007. It was given at this year’s Men’s Advance. The theme of the conference was Never Run Alone. It’s never wise for any of us to be isolated for very long. A veteran in the area of teamwork, Coach Dungy uses a passage in Ephesians 6 about the armour of God to bring out some inspirational truths about never running alone. You’ll be blessed as you listen to this message he titled “Running With God’s Help.

June - Encourage Yourself In The Lord by Andrew Wommack

For June, we’re going into the past a little ways—back to the 2016 Ministers’ Conference. It was a month before President Trump was elected. There was a lot of controversy going on in the country. People were anxious in general. Andrew took Jesus’s words to His disciples at the Last Supper, as well as an event from King David’s life, and brought a message that applies just as much to our lives today as it did back then. We know you’ll be blessed as you listen to “Encourage Yourself in the Lord.