Paul’s Secrets To Happiness


5 CD Album – Many Christians strive to achieve happiness. Few, however,...

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Many Christians strive to achieve happiness. Few, however, have understood, much less followed, what the Bible says to get there. Needless to say, they aren’t “happy” with the end result. Listen as Andrew shares twenty secrets from Paul’s letter to the Philippians that are sure to get you on the path to happiness.

Part 1: Secrets 1-4
• Being in the Center of God’s Will
• Thinking of Others
• Consumed with Something Bigger than Self
• Dead to Self

Part 2: Secrets 5-8
• Walk in Love
• Think like
• Get in the Word
• No Confidence in the Flesh

Part 3: Secrets 9-12
• Christ above Everything Else
• Faith Righteousness
• Personal Relationship
• Do One Thing

Part 4: Secrets 13-16
• Imitate the Right Persons
• Stand Fast
• Always Rejoice
• Prayer

Part 5: Secrets 17-20
• Let Peace Reign
• Focus on the Good
• Do/Act on the Word
• You Have to Learn Contentment

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