Joseph As A Prisoner/Success: The Greatest Temptation Of All/Tough Love


Disc 3 – Joseph was a man of integrity, but in his case, it landed him in prison....

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Joseph As A Prisoner
Joseph was a man of integrity, but in his case, it landed him in prison. If there was ever a man with reason to be bitter, it was Joseph. Have you ever felt justified in your actions or attitudes because of circumstances? In this message, Andrew teaches how Joseph was able to maintain his attitude and even bless those around him in terrible circumstances.

Success: The Greatest Temptation Of All
It’s easy to seek God when times are tough. But most Christians relax when things are good. It could have happened to Joseph, because in one inspired moment, God took him from rags to riches and from the pit to the palace. Learn what kept him close to God in the midst of such power and wealth. “Prosperity and success is an infinitely greater test of character than difficulty.”

Tough Love
Sometimes love may not seem very loving. God had something He wanted to accomplish in the lives of Joseph’s family, and Joseph would be the tool. What may have seemed harsh was really an act of love. Listen as Andrew teaches on this very important subject.

This DVD was recorded from the Gospel Truth TV broadcast. It contains one week of programming. Please note that while they do cover the same material as the CD, they are not exactly the same.

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