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Many evangelists realize that only about 15 percent of those who claim to accept Jesus continue in the faith. What’s the problem? Conversion is a one-time experience; discipleship is a lifelong journey.

The Need For Discipleship
Did Jesus tell us to make converts or disciples? It’s a question that the body of Christ needs to address. And the lack of understanding in this area is the reason so many believers are unable to finish their course.

What Is A Disciple?
The title of this message may not ring your bell or seem exciting, but it may be one of the most important Andrew has ever taught. You will be surprised to learn how this relates to you.

Are You Listening To The Critics
Paul told Timothy not to let others despise his youth. Was he telling him to silence the critics, or did he understand that what Timothy thought about himself was much more important than what others may think?

Leading By Example
You may have heard it said, “What you do speaks so loudly that the world can’t hear what you say.” They’re listening, but we must be an example in both word and deed. This is a vital part of discipleship.

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