Praise Reports

Thank you for your words of wisdom, i gave my life to christ in juny 2008. And havnt looke34d back ( or mybe a little )tithe and offerings are such a blessing and as Gods promises our store house will be replenished thank you lord. He has mader such a great difference in my life aswell as my emidiate family. 10 fold and moer God will give what we need not exactly what we want amen please pray for those who have plenty will give some away for the needy ame4n.
J.R from Gtreater Manchester, England

I am very grateful for the privilege of receiving this devotional every morning. They are great blessings and inspiration. I love the depth of teaching alway made precised in such concise texts. I am closely following the new topic highlight "laws of faith". Please, i am looking forward to learn this actual laws and practise them in my living. Thank you, sir. .
L.A from Lagos, Nigeria

I would just like to say how much i appreciate my daily dose of Gospel truth,and to say a big thank you to Andrew. I am learning so much through these teachings and growing up in my christian faith as a result. Andrew is so easy to understand and you just know he has the anointing of the Holy spirit. May he and all at the ministry continue to bless and be a blessing to us all who have ears. .
M.F from Waterford, Ireland

Today on the 16th of april i was listening to pastor Andrew wommack and found out that what he said about money. He mentioned something about why the third world countries are so impoverished and at first i felt like he was degrading my continent like most people have tried to but as i continued listening icouldnt agree with him any less, keeping time,honouring promises and just fearing God in whatever we do is what is lacking in our african continent. Dishonesty start from the top(governments and some authorities)poor people struggle to obtain the services that are meant to be free for them just because the resources available would have been squandered by those who are suppose to preserve them. I am not trying to be a judge he Andrew trying to address issues, matthew 16 says if you are not trusted with the least how mush more with the great? I am an african who grew up in extreme poverty but because i always believed in God and that there is always a way out any situation i always knew without a shadow of doubt in my heart that God(very little of Jesus was known to me then) was one day going to take me out of the situation and he surely did. Jesus christ has been the pillar of my strength all the way and each time i have found breaking through slightly challenging i wll encourage myself by God's word 'phillipians 4:13 "i can do all things through christ who strengthens me". Surprisingly it has been when i spend too much time with my fellow countrymen that i will experience degradation regarding the area where i grew up. They would remind me how hard things were for me and talk me to the ground and in the end i have resorted to not telling people where exactly i am from or where i grew up, this has not changed the way i am but it has at least taken the negative comments off my back. Honesty is a sacrifice we all have to make without excuse however rich or poor. Today after listening to God speaking through his man Andrew i vow to change my ways and repent completely of the corrupt belief system doing exactly what i said i will do and if not letting the people involved know in time. God has been so good to me all the time i have obeyed him and also at times i did not. Thank you ever so much for your sharing, i was very much touched and inspired. I hereby request that you help me pray for with me for a renewal of mind in my giving, i want to give out of abundance not poverty. God bless you!! .
C.M from Lancanshire, United Kingdom

I called your helpline because i could not find an elder who believes that healing is part of salvation. I have refused treatment from the doctors and told them i will come back to show them the miracle of my God's healing power. I was suffering headaches as part of the symptoms for six weeks and could not sleep but i know that God has provided my healing. So your helpline prayer warrior prayed with me on the phone and the same day the headaches faded away. I have just had the first night's sleep in six weeks. Glory to God. Sometimes we just need someone to stand with us and reinforce the truth. What a blessing. W.
J.D from Devon, England

After a horrible 2011, where i allowed things to get on top of me and just became so negative to the point of putting my health at risk. The enemy made the mistake of pushing so hard to the point where life became ridiculous even i had to admit that. Thank God though that i am made of stern stuff and through your teaching the Holy spirit just so ignited me with his glory, i have started to live again. All i want to do now is to grow in God and make him smile. I know he loves me and he is pleased with me but i just want to sit in my father God's lap and hear his laugh and his heartbeat every single day of my life. I've got revenge on my mind but not human revenge, my revenge is to worship my father God every waking moment of my life and bring glory to his name. I will not rest and its all thanks to your teachings. God bless you sir, for speaking the words of life. Never, ever stop speaking God's word to the people. You are a blessing.
M.L from Lambeth, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the grace and truth,,my doctrine has found context and perspective,,all praise to our lord and redeemer... Andrew and team God bless you one and all,,,a word for you Andrew;the grace and truth message will produce the fruit of this verse in the body,,the works i do you will do also, and greater... Something that to now has been sadly lacking in the body,,blessings multiplied to you all who read this,,may the word be made flesh in your lives and that of your families amen.. To christ all the glory.. Amen.
I.B from Galway, Southern Ireland

Hi Andrew i was watching your programme this week on God tv about faith filled words and at the time was very sick after getting a bad chest infection after an operation in the area. I had been praying to God for healing and when i realised the truth of the word from your programme i spoke to my "mountain" and told my body to heal, i told sickness it had no place in me as it is written that "by his stripes i am healed" i rebuked the infection and commanded it to leave and spoke continously to my lungs telling them to heal and within 36 hours i felt better than i have in the last two years! Glory to God and thank you Andrew for helping me to realise the truth which is written in the word for us! I am so happy and so joyeous thank you so much! I feel so alive inside and i feel committed to your ministry now, i want to partner with you so that you can reach others just like me. God bless you and your family and your ministry xxxx.
L.S from Hampshire, England

Andrew, while watching your program on the satellite channel in busselton, i suddenly realised that the malaise which had come upon me over the last few days was actually caused by me allowing myself to believe i was sick. As you taught "speak to the problem in Jesus name" and i did likewise, immediately the malaise backed off and i began to praise God for his many blessings in my life and the life of my family. Joy, gratitude and praise welled up in me as i spoke to the problem in his name and saw him deal with the issue in his own beautiful and glorious way. I praise God for the gift i have in Jesus and his salvation. .
D.M from Busselton, Western Australia, Australia

Hi! I'm from panama and i just wanted to let you know that it has been a blessing for me to hear your teachings everyday through the daystar channel online. I'm praying for you and your ministry mr. Wommack! Have a blessed day! .
A.R from Panama City, Panama

Thank you for your teachings on the good life channel. I've learned so much from you and sometimes just listen to repeats on other channels just to listen to your calming peaceful manner. You are the only broadcast my teenage son doesn't turn his back on. He has complimented your teachings and finds you to be very realistic and down to earth. I love you. .
E.L from Marion, Fl, USA

I suffered from fribromyalgia for 13 years and arthritis was diagnosed in my early twenties. I believed this was from God and he would use it to bless me and others, (which he did) i began to listen to other teachers and listen to Andrews teachings on authority and God wants you well and it all began to make sense to me in a very new and practical way. I realised that i did not have to be disabled but that Jesus had already paid the price and i am healed. Cutting along story short, God healed me of the fibromyalgia and i came out of a wheelchair after 13 years. Two years later, when i realised that he wanted to heal me completley, my arthritis went and within five minutes i was running up and down stairs, walking without sticks, it was amazing. I thank Jesus every day for the miracle that took place, that he opened up my eyes and spirit to know that his will is always for us to be saved, healed and made whole in Jesus. Irene.
I.S from Wirral, UK

My husband and i are seeing people saved, healed and delivered by sharing Andrews teaching with them. Thank you for clear teaching which opens up the word of God for a greater revelation of life changing truth. God is good! .
C.C from Bedfordshire, England

I thank God every day for the Gospel truth programmes which have transformed my life. I've been a christian for 25 years but it was listening to Andrew teach on the balance of grace and faith earlier this year that gripped me and made me realise that i had been believing a false Gospel. I realised that wrong thinking and a miserable peformance mentality when it came to being accepted by my father had prevented me from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised. Well that is now history and now i know 100% that i've been set free by the truth. I have a greater passion for Jesus now than ever before and my family and friends are wondering what's happended!! Thank you Andrew for teaching the good news so clearly and with authority. God bless you. .
F.S from Essex, England

I thank God for Andrew wommack. Jesus is using him to greatly affect my life. I love his website, there is good news found on both www. Awmi. Net and www. Awme. Net. I have bought almost all his e-books, i have watched loads of free broadcasts, i have downloaded loads of free mp3 messages and i listen to them on my laptop and my sgs2! When i listen to Andrew teach the word of God, its like a breath of fresh air and some things i did not understand become crystal clear! I really love the message about financial stewardship! I had never heard someone talk about finances like that before! I am very proud to be a partner of Andrew wommack ministries and i will always be a partner of this ministry until i go to be with the Jesus 90 years from now! Thank you Jesus for Andrew wommack! .
M.K from Hampshire, England

Dear Andrew, i came across your Gospel truth program in God tv and instantly i had a liking to what you were saying about the Gospel i knew it radically at a higher level than what i have been listening all along and i have to to tell you that your teaching from the word of God had saved me a lot of trouble and i praise God that it came in right time. .
S.C from India, India

Thank you Andrew. I tuned into your broadcast the power of the cross quite by chance on wednesday 22/11/11. Of course, i know this was no chance meeting. I was so moved by the simple and everlasting truth of what i was hearing: that Jesus is my lord and saviour. Thank you for encouraging me to seek my saviour because my love of christ has been lifelong and unconditional. I know and have always known the sacrifice he made for me on the cross - its that personal! I read romans 10:9 after the broadcast ended, just as you asked me to do. Of course, the miracle happened. By placing christ Jesus through profession at the centre of my life that very day i knew that life with my redeemer will be a journey always shared. I have been peacefully (and joyously! ) reading the Holy bible since wednesday and marvelling at the miracle of miracles: my lord and king and saviour, christ Jesus. Thank you Andrew so much once again. You encouraged me to take that step on the joy-journey to all that christ can teach me. I am fully listening! .
S.C from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

A friend gave me Andrews book you ve already got it so quit asking for it,i was so depressed and i didn't know what to do because at the church i go to we are taught that you ve to fast,walk in righteousness,pray alot for God to do something for you i had done all that but i was still getting horrible nightmares no matter what i did. After reading that book i realised that christ had paid for everything and there was nothing more i could do to make God do a new thing,i understood that it was not about my works. I got peace and 4 weeks after that i was in my friends back reading Andrews book spirit soul and body somehow i felt compelled to pray because of what i was reading,i begun speaking in toungues upto now those toungues ve never left my heart its like i can speak them anytime i want to. Thank you so much Andrew and may God bless you.

I must tell you what a wonder it has been to learn from Andrew's teaching over the last 6 months! I can not express fully the open-ended joy of knowing christ so much better since. You are truly a gift from God. I desire greatly to go to your healing school! .
J.M from Lucas, USA

I got diagnosed with diabetes in early march of this year but thanks to the teachings of Andrew wommack on God's word.. I can confirm that i am fully healed and very healthy.... It's now october.. God's word works! Praise his Holy name forever. Keep doing what you are doing because you are really changing lives all over the world.. May God continue to bless and supply all your needs... I love you brother.
D.I from London, United Kingdom

God not only answers prayers for healing, but he answers us when we are confused. I was struggling with a situation that i wasn't hearing God clearly about. I had had a dream concerning this situation in 2008. The dream was contraryto what i felt God was saying. I was greatly confused. On 10-07-2011 Andrew was sharingand he spoke the exact words i was ableto know what to do about this situation. God clarfied my confusion and answered my prayer concerning dreams. Thank you Andrew for being obedient to God. .
P.G from Kent, USA

I never knew being a christian could be so exciting. I am set free by Andrew's teachings of grace and faith, speaking to the mountain, taking authority as well as knowing that it has already been done. In our cell group Holy spirit has been giving me boldness i jump at a chance to pray for the sick and for my fellow brethren to be baptized in the power of the Holy ghost and we're now practicing operating in the gifts of the spirit. The Gospel is now real to me, i have become alive its an honor to serve Jesus. I pray that every person would be exposed to this teachings even those who are already christian it set me free after a whole decade of claiming to know Jesus... Thanks yolanda k.
Y.K from Johannersburg, South Africa

Coming from a roman catholic background we were not exposed to the word of God until we were born again. The word in rom 10:17 was fulfilled in our lives by listening to Andrew wommack. His teaching has set us free from all the bondages we were living in; and empowered us to live the life God has destined for us. Andrew is a great blessing to those who hear him even our son reynaldo who is only 8 yrs old enjoys his teaching as it is so simple but powerful. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for awme we have profited much from his teaching on the net and glad that we are able to be a part of what he is doing and encourage all those who see him to partner with this life changing ministry and be blessed as we are. Thank you Andrew and we pray that your ministry will fulfill all that God has planned for you. .
M.V from Chennai, INDIA

Since i started listening to the Gospel truth and then following Andrew's teachings i have come to understand the depth of what the lord has done for us. Grace and faith conference was a life changing experience. Our children loved messy church so much, they want us to go and live there. My two daughters both had very bad eczema on their skin. The oldest one being so severe she has been hospitalised twice owing to the infections. The frustration of not knowing what to do was gradually driving us to despair. Now i can boldly say we as a family have taken our authority , we keep speaking to the symptoms when it shows up and both of the girls skins have so improved and getting better everyday, the horibble sleepless nights of intense scratching are a thing of the past. Praise be to the lord who has so blessed us with such exceedingly great blessings. I love him so much. Thank you lord and thank you Andrew wommack ministries. .
L.H from Hertfordshire, U.K

I have watched Andrew wommack for years. Since i was unable to afford packages until now (as a grace partner)where i am a self-employed and moving into business ownership. However Andrew's teachings have regularly set me free and empowered my christian living not only that it has greatly enriched me as a sunday school teacher! Not only that, it has blessed the life of my wife, massively! We have soooo much joy! Awme you are a blessing, may God increase you more and more! .
J.O from Essex, United Kingdom

Thank you for praying with my daughter shelley. She is carrying twin girls and they were suffering with ttts.... Both are alive and well... Praise Jesus. .
B.D from Dundee, South Africa

I was in a meeting Andrew held in milan, i can never express what a blessing he is in my life, anyway during those days on the last day he prayed a general prayer for all and he called that a skin disease being healed, i had this problem for more than 10 years and listening to his teachings i did receive my healings in various parts of my body, but on my neck i had this severe iatching that got worse when it is hot and i begin to sweat, i didn't go to the doctor for i did see God healing me of the same case in various parts of my body, when i heard Andrew call out healing for skin disease i received that for me by faith, and now i am free. I thank God for Andrew and i really thank God for giving me such a victory. God bless you all. .

Thank God, i haven't arrived but i believe in God's grace. He is good! .
O.V from Brugge Sint Andries, Belgium

Praise the lord the Gospel has never been made to understand as simple as the awme ministry does. God is good as he is always and has made our lives too simple and wonderfully liveable, liken to the earthly father who takes absolute care of his children, but this father(earth) is limited. Pastor Andrew, i never fail to thank God for what he reveals to us thru you and always prays for this ministry. .
A.D from Bangalore, India

I and my brother always said why my mom is like this. She was my enemy i felt and thought nobody can change her even if God wants it. But when i received the unconditional love of God i started to love my mom unconditionally and forgive d her what she has done in my life and i remember her mistakes no more. Praise God she is not only my mother but she is my best friend also. Strife in my family stopped. My father,mother,brother and i are living a descent peaceful family life. Thankyou Jesus for making known his unconditional love through brother Andrew wommack. Not only that God helped me to overcome the obstacles in my life as i have passed third year of it engineering. I thank God that i have not wasted any of my precious year which God given me and i am on the right way which God called me. Praise God he helped in my spiritual life by leading me through a local church where i can have Godly fellowship,praise and worship to God and to hear the word the God. All this praise report.

I had a calling to evangelise hardcore bikers in the roughest pub in town, for 5 years i was used to getting threatened for my faith, i realise now my roots were shallow. Now thanks to Andrew my knowledge and trust in the word has grown beyond measure. I now get a much better standard of threats, praise God. My level of peace and trust is greater, i know that i know Jesus walks with me, i regularly see those that have opposed me, seek reconciliation. God has defeated his enemies. Thanks so much for helping my feet find the rock that is greater than i. .
D.S from Berkshire, United Kingdom

I have not been examined yet but the majority of my symptoms from chronic prostate problems are gone now after finally deciding to start taking authority over it. Have had prostate problems for probably around 12 to 15 years. Thanks Andrew for showing me the full Gospel and for all of your resources to help me learn to walk in it! .
M.F from Gillespie, US

A mother phoned and asked for pray for her 7 year son who was autistic and had never spoken. A few weeks later she called to say her son has started to talk. .
A.A from London, UK