Newsletter March 2011

March 2011

Dear Friend,
This month we would like to share with you what is happening in our South African Office, based in Heidelberg, Western Cape. From this office we are influencing and affecting many areas of South Africa, and people’s lives are being changed. From here we distribute many DVDs and CDs of Andrew’s teachings and it is from here that many people are ministered to on a daily basis. The ministry’s website can be browsed for further information about the products we have available as well as for free MP3 downloads of Andrew’s teachings. Additionally Charis Bible College prepares many men and women for ministry in all walks of life here at this location.

From our office administration of the ministry takes place and we have developed a distribution centre for materials to be despatched, in and throughout South Africa. Our God is a big God, who gives us big dreams and helps us to fulfil them. Eventually, we would like to take over from our UK Office, in providing Andrew’s teaching on God’s unconditional love and grace, to the entire continent of Africa, as well as buying our own facility, which will then become the Head Quarters for not only South Africa, but the whole continent of Africa – how’s that for dreaming big!

As you may know, it is Andrew’s desire that no-one should be denied teaching on God’s Word because of financial constraints, and it is only through the support and generosity of the Ministry’s Partners and friends like yourselves that we can maintain our free CD policy. We believe there is no other Ministry that does this. Over the months we have given hundreds of free CDs to those who cannot afford them. Daily we are adding to the number of people receiving free teachings. We know that your support will help us to reach even more people with the message of God’s unconditional love and grace. You are truly sowing into the lives of many people, and helping to set captives free all over South Africa. More importantly, together, we are teaching people how to receive from God themselves according to Biblical principles. On behalf of Andrew, Jamie and all our staff; a very big thank you. We know that you will reap much reward for your generosity.

Since developing the website with an on-line shopping facility, we have seen a steady increase in orders received at the office. Over the past year we have sold over 2700 books, 682 CD sets, 359 DVD sets and 106 Product Packages – that’s almost 4000 orders! We have also seen a significant increase with people wanting to partner with the Ministry on a regular monthly basis. Daily we are adding to our Partners list and the general mailing list. To date we have 1236 people on our general mailing list and 143 Partners who financially support the Ministry. The people on our general mailing list receive a regular monthly newsletter whereas most of our Partners receive special monthly teachings as well as the monthly newsletter. If you would like further information about the Partnerships available from the Ministry, please go to our website or contact the office direct and request our “Be A Life Changer” leaflet. Our God tells us to never despise the day of small beginnings and we are truly grateful for the increase we have seen over the past year, however we are excited about what the future holds for the Ministry and by the grace of God, as more and more people become aware of this Ministry, we will go from strength to strength and continue sowing this “nearly too-good-to-be-true” news into the Nation of South Africa. Lives change, situations change, circumstances change all because of the Word of God.


Charis Bible College – Heidelberg, Western Cape
Charis Bible College is flourishing in its 2nd year of operation. We have doubled our full time students to 23 and have currently 172 students completing their first year by correspondence course. We have extended our facilities to accommodate our future third year students and the increased need for material production space.
Being based on the premises of a christian school, the CBC students have the opportunity to introduce the good news message to the children at their daily devotionals. Our second year students are also reaching out to the older people in our community as part of their ministry training.
We are planning mission trips into Africa later this year for our 2nd year students.

News from our UK Office (AWME)
Administration of the Ministry takes place in the office based in Walsall, England. However AWME have developed a distribution centre for materials in Hungary with offices in India, Germany and later this year Singapore, Hong Kong and the possibility of Australia.

Translation Work
From China to Europe taking in Asia, Africa and multiple European nations AWME is now printing many of Andrew’s books in 43 languages. The UK website shows Andrew’s report from China where he saw great things in the underground church and was able to distribute 5 books in Chinese. 5 more books are in the process of being printed. Due to the faithful support of our Partners in South Africa, we were able to make a financial contribution toward the printing of these Chinese books for Andrew’s meetings in China last year. Our South African Partners have helped AWME to change lives in the largest nation on earth – thank you!
From the distribution point in Hungary, lives are being changed in many nations across Europe as people read about what God has done for them through Christ, in their own language. It is an amazing thing to observe people weeping over the message they are receiving in their native tongue.
Check out our website and see the books that have been translated into Afrikaans. Many are being published as eBooks, enabling people to download these books straight onto their computer in their own language. Praise God for men and woman who give up many hours of their time to help us translate these materials into foreign languages, and it just keeps growing and growing.

German Office
In September 2010 AWME opened an office in Birkenfeld, West Germany. This office is run by Brenda & Anke and overseen by Juergen, the pastor of a local church. From this small office they seek to spread the nearly-too-good-to-be-true news across their nation, selling Andrew’s materials in both German and English and communicating with the German people in their own language so that they might come to a place of understanding the riches of their God. In October this year, Andrew will visit Karlsruhe for a 3 day conference. See Andrew’s European schedule overleaf for more details.
Sometime in the next year there may be a possibility to establish a Charis Bible College alongside the office in Birkenfeld. If you know anyone in Germany looking for a great college to attend give them details of the office in Germany. The German website is

New Building – UK
AWME continues to progress towards buying their own building. Negotiations are ongoing and we will endeavour to provide you with an update whenever possible.




Andrew’s European Meeting Schedule

Grace and Faith Family Camp 2011
Stoneleigh Park, Warwick, England
Speakers: Andrew Wommack, Wendell Parr
Venue: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
For more information, visit our website:

Netherlands GTS
Levensstroom, Elisabethhof 5, 2353 EW Leiderdorp, Netherlands
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Tuesday 31st May 2011 – 7:30pm
Wednesday 1st June 2011 – Morning 10:00am – 2:00pm – Evening 7:30pm
This event is free and you don’t need to register in advance.
Please be advised there is no children’s facility or creche available.

European Tour 2011 – Paris, France
Theatre Dejazet , 41 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris, France
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Meetings: Friday 3rd June – 7.30pm
This event is free and you don’t need to register in advance.
Please be advised there is no children’s facility or creche available.

European Tour 2011 – Nice, France
Boscolo Park Hotel, 6 Avenue de Suede, 06000 Nice, France
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Saturday 4th June – 7.30pm
Sunday 5th June – 10.00am
This event is free and you don’t need to register in advance.
Please be advised there is no children’s facility or creche available.

European Tour 2011 – Milan, Italy
Leonardo Da Vinci Hotel – Convention Center
via Senigallia, 6, 20161 Milan, Italy (
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Tuesday 7th June – 8:00pm
Wednesday 8th June – 10:00am & 8:00pm
This event is free and you don’t need to register in advance.
Please be advised there is no children’s facility or creche available.

Maintain Your Faith Conference 2011 – Karlsruhe, Germany
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Please visit for further information

European Ministers Conference 2011 – England
Hilton Warwick / Stratford-upon-Avon Hotel,
Junction 15, M40, A429 Stratford Road, Warwick, CV34 6RE, England
Speakers: Andrew Wommack
Monday 24th October to Thursday 27th October 2011
Please visit for further information

FROM 7.00AM TO 7.30AM