Healing Testimonies – The Krow Family


Twins conceived by parents who embraced the scriptural injunction to produce “a godly seed” (Mal. 2:15). The mother clung to a personal promise that she would be “saved in childbearing” (1 Tim. 2:15). The father spent long hours in prayer each day, seeking to know God more intimately.

What could possibly go wrong?

On December 14, 1981, something went terribly wrong. The second daughter born of this full-term pregnancy was stillborn. Shock and disbelief rattled the entire birth team, especially the faithful parents, as all efforts to make the baby breathe failed.

It was then that a demonic presence manifested—an enemy whose mission was to steal, kill, and destroy. The father recognized that this was not a natural process, but a spiritual battle, and he engaged the enemy with powerful results. Enter the very birth room via audio tape, and hear the actual battle for the life of Vita Michelle. Then celebrate the life of the Krow twins, now beautiful young women.