Healing Testimonies – Scott Forsyth

Scott’s Healing

Scott Forsyth spent most of his childhood battling illness.Scott Forsyth can remember being sick like it was yesterday. He was chronically ill through most of his childhood. Because of the pain and suffering Scott endured, he was convinced that God was punishing him. The enemy was stealing Scott’s youth.

When Scott was twelve years old, he endured as many as four migraines a week. He describes the pain he experienced as being the same as if something was violently squeezing his head. And when the headaches were particularly bad, Scott could not bear to see any light at all. He was forced to lie down in a dark room, in order to manage the pain.

Scott’s pediatrician sent him to a neurologist and he underwent numerous tests. The doctor eventually put him on experimental drugs, but the headaches continued.

Scott received prayer for his migraine headaches.The Forsyth’s church had a healing prayer ministry, and Scott was open and receptive to allowing the group to pray for him. The group prayed for Scott on several different occasions, and praise God, his headaches eventually stopped. The Forsyth family was thrilled.

Then, a couple of months later, Scott began to experience stomach problems. He said that his pain felt like someone was stabbing him in the stomach. Scott’s mom, Vicky, noticed that the symptoms seem to be worse when Scott ate foods containing wheat, so she adjusted Scott’s diet and made it gluten-free. For months, they experimented with different tactics to make Scott more comfortable.

Scott underwent many procedures including a two-hour gastro emptying procedure.Finally, the doctors decided to put an endoscope down Scott’s throat to see what they could find. What the Pediatric Gastroenterologist found resulted in the diagnosis of “Barrett’s Esophagus,” a disease that is unheard of in children. The doctors told the Forsyths that it was “lucky” that they had made the discovery, because the condition could worsen to esophageal cancer, which is life threatening. The doctors prescribed a very aggressive treatment. Scott’s symptoms continued to worsen to the point that his stomach shut down as he suffered from Gastroparesis.

In the meantime, family friend and healing prayer group leader, Evelyn Mealy, had received Andrew’s Healing Journeys DVD in the mail. She was aware that Hannah Terradez’ healing testimony was on the DVD, and hoped that it would be an encouragement to the Forsyth’s. Similar to Scott’s circumstances, Hannah had suffered from life threatening stomach issues and had been healed when she was three years old. Evelyn delivered the DVD and that evening the Forsyth family watched it together.

Scott's sister Allison prayed for him after watching the Healing Journeys DVD.As they watched, the Forsyth’s felt encouraged. Scott’s dad, David was praying that Scott would absorb and accept that God wanted him to be well. His son did absorb the message, and Hannah’s testimony really made an impact, and encouraged him. “She could be healed, so I knew, so could I,” Scott explained.

Following the video, Scott’s older sister, Allison felt impressed to pray for him before he went to bed. The following morning, Scott woke up feeling normal for the first time in months. And… he was hungry.

Although Scott’s parents were nervous about what to do next, they decided to leave it up to him. His morning routine had become regimented based on his medications. Scott’s decision was to skip his medicine and eat instead. The family watched and waited nervously as Scott ate, hoping that his symptoms wouldn’t reemerge. Praise God they did not!

The Forsyth familyLife is so good now. He is a normal boy. He is able to eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants. I’m not the food police anymore,” said Vicky.

On July 2, 2009 Scott and his mom traveled to Colorado Springs to attend the Summer Family Bible Conference, and to meet Hannah, the little girl who had impacted the Forsyth family with her testimony of God’s love. It was important to Scott to tell Hannah how much she had encouraged him.

Now both family’s healing testimonies will continue to encourage others facing mountains of seemingly insurmountable circumstances.