Healing Testimonies – Richard Waller


Richard Waller

Richard Waller in a once familiar position, flat on his back in pain.According to his doctors, Richard Waller was just a few short years away from permanent dependence upon a wheelchair and a pacemaker to assist his ever-weakening body and heart. He was living in constant chronic pain, suffering from two prolapsed disks, spina bifida, degenerative disc disorder, sciatica, arthritis, calcium deposits, and a heart condition called, arterial fibrillation. Fellow church members had prayed for Richard’s healing; he and his wife, Jacqueline, had prayed for his healing, but his condition only grew worse.

Richard is a carpenter and his chronic pain made physical labor nearly impossible.Richard, a new believer at the time of his prognosis, participated in local Bible studies. Often he would have to lay flat on his back while attending these meetings, because sitting up was too painful. Richard would listen as well-meaning fellow church members shared their wisdom and gave him familiar denominational excuses as to why he hadn’t seen his healing come to pass: “Sometimes God heals, and sometimes he doesn’t.” “We don’t know why God doesn’t heal all the time.” “Sometimes God says yes, and sometimes no.” Though Richard knew their words were well-intended, they were not comforting, nor were they helpful. Richard became convinced he should suffer through the pain, hoping somehow he would convince God he should be healed. The confusion and contradiction was hindering his understanding of God’s unconditional love.

Richard's body was in such pain that he missed being able to pick up and play with his daughter Erin as she grew.Richard, who makes his living as a carpenter, found the pain with which he was suffering made it nearly impossible for him to work. As his condition worsened even picking up or playing with his small daughter, Erin was painfully difficult. It wasn’t uncommon for Richard to be hospitalized twice a year or more; doctors continually prescribed more and more medication, and spoke of the imminent need for surgery to address the damage in his back. Richard underwent many types of treatments over the years, some very costly, to escape the pain. He used chiropractic methods and even facet joint injections, in which large syringes full of potent steroids were guided via live X-ray directly into his spine. All of his efforts provided little relief.

In 2008 Richard went forward for prayer at one of Andrew's meetings in the UK—and received his healing by faith.Then, one day as Jacqueline was surfing television stations, she came across the God TV channel; this was a surprise to her since they had never subscribed to it. Andrew’s Gospel Truth program happened to be broadcasting at the time. Although Jacqueline considered changing the channel because she thought Andrew spoke funny, something in her spirit quickened, and she decided to listen to what Andrew had to say. When Richard came home from work she shared what she had found.

Soon, they realized that were receiving revelation from Andrew’s teaching, and the couple began to watch the Gospel Truth regularly. Richard and Jacqueline decided that they wanted to attend one of Andrew’s meetings, and as God would have it, Andrew was scheduled to be in London a short time later. The Wallers made plans to attend, and were excited to meet and hear Andrew minister in person.

Richard now leads a very active lifestyle.Richard recalls Andrew’s opening question to the crowd at the beginning of the conference, “Who came here today to see God move?” he asked. Shouts of excitement could be heard throughout the conference room. Andrew’s response to the crowd was simply, “Well, you’ve come to the wrong place—God already moved.”

“I had never heard that before!” Richard explained.

Following the meeting, Richard made his way to the platform to meet with a prayer minister. He happened to connect with Andrew’s worship leader, Charlie LeBlanc. Recalling Andrew’s teaching that he didn’t need to be afraid of “dimming the lights in heaven” by asking too much of God, Richard gave Charlie the full run down of his extensive list of ailments. “There’s nothing too big for God, and we’re going to work on that right now,” Charlie responded without hesitation.

Charlie prayed, Richard received, and that was that. When Richard headed back to his seat, he still felt pain, but when his wife asked him how it went, he responded, “I’m healed. Everything—I’m healed.” Richard took a moment to shake Andrew’s hand and thank him on the way out, and then he and his wife went home.

Unhindered, Richard rides with a team of bicycle enthusiasts.The following morning, Richard noticed that he didn’t have to get out of bed in his usual way. He had become accustomed to rolling over onto his stomach, sliding down feet first onto the floor and resting on his knees, and then slowly mustering up the strength to push himself up off the bed into a standing position. It was at this moment on March 5, 2008 that he realized that he was indeed, truly healed.

Today, with a new lease on life, Richard is extremely active. He loves mountain biking, skiing and of course spending time with his wife and ten-year-old daughter. Praise God!