Healing Testimonies – Niki Ochensky

Niki’s Healing

On November 15, 2000, I was ministering in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I ministered a message at the Shepherd’s House, where my good friends Richard and Dorothy VanWinkle are pastors. A woman named Chris Ochenski was there that night. Her daughter, Niki, was near death due to fibromyalgia and a host of allergic problems that had her in constant pain. She was so weak that she couldn’t go to the restroom by herself. She was totally dependent on her mother for everything. 

Niki and her whole family were fanatical believers. They didn’t do something bad to make God punish them with this terrible sickness. It came as the result of a head injury sustained in a car wreck five years earlier while they were driving home from church. They were believing God for healing, and Niki was very open about telling everyone that she was going to be healed. 

However, in my message that night, I said that we aren’t waiting on God to heal us. By His stripes we WERE healed (1 Pet. 2:24). It’s misdirected faith for us to just wait on God for healing. This was totally opposed to what Niki and her family had been believing. Niki had actually had a vision where the Lord appeared to her and showed her His stripes and bruises and promised her a progressive healing. 

Chris took a tape of my message home and asked Niki to listen to it. She was blessed but confused about the statements that healing doesn’t have to be progressive. She asked the Lord about that, and He told her that her healing was coming progressively because that’s what she was believing for. That was not His best, though. 

The Lord will meet us where our faith is, but His best is now. “Now faith is” (Heb. 11:1). Faith must believe that God is (Heb. 11:6), not that He was or is going to be. Faith is now! We have to aggressively take the authority God has given us and bring that healing into manifestation. 

I went over to pray for Niki the following afternoon. I didn’t know how bad she was. I just knew she had been in pain for over four years and was really hurting. Niki’s faith and the faith of her parents had been redirected, and they were ready to believe for a healing NOW! 

What happened then was an awesome thing. God instantly healed Niki in a very miraculous fashion. Her doctor later testified that he didn’t expect to see her again. She was that close to death. 

We have some great news for you. My television crew spent more than 15 hours interviewing the Ochenski’s, and they have produced a video documenting Niki’s healing. When I viewed it, I was moved to tears. I didn’t realize how miraculous the healing really was. The video impacted me more than actually being there. This is one tremendous video!