Healing Testimonies – Merci Santos

Merci’s Healing

Merci SantosMerci Santos was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis more than 20 years ago. At that time Merci suffered from paralysis and vision loss on her left side. As time passed she regained the use of her body, but the unpredictable symptoms of MS, some mild, some debilitating, would come and go. The up and down nature of MS made caring for her young daughter Danielle and managing a job difficult.

Nine years ago, after moving to Florida, Merci’s health continued to deteriorate as she fought hard battles with MS. As is symptomatic of the disease, her flare-ups would occur without warning and without obvious cause, and would last for several days at a time.

Merci shows the leftover steroids and intravenous paraphernalia from her in-home healthcare visits.Merci shows the leftover steroids and intravenous paraphernalia from her in-home healthcare visits.Approximately every six weeks Merci would be weakened to the point of needing professional healthcare. She would either be admitted to the hospital or undergo in-home care. After four or five days of treatment, which included a steady dose of steroids, Merci would regain her strength and would go home—only to begin the cycle again.

Eventually Merci was forced to give up working. Suffering from the severest of symptoms, her doctor said she was unable to work any longer. At times Merci couldn’t walk or use her arms as she suffered with the severe and limiting musculoskeletal and sensational effects of the disease. She had trouble swallowing and speaking, and had cognitive issues as well. During these times Merci relied on her own mother for the care of Danielle.

Merci's daughter, Danielle remembers having to call the ambulance for her mother because the symptoms of MS had gotten so severe.Throughout her struggles Merci would say to anyone who would listen, including herself, “I don’t care what you see, I know I am healed. By His stripes I am healed.”

There were times when she couldn’t walk, and the Lord would give her Scriptures, such as Acts chapter three, to stand on. She would receive strength from the Lord and walk again only to suffer through the cycle of regression a few weeks later.

Frustrated and feeling as though she was doing something wrong, Merci asked the Lord, “Why am I sick again? Do I have to do something different?” That night, after asking those questions of the Lord, she came across Andrew’s Gospel Truth television program. As she was about to turn the TV off she heard Andrew say, “What you’re doing wrong is that you’re not praying right, you need to pray differently.” Stunned, Merci received Andrew’s words as the answer to her prayer. The Lord spoke to her through Andrew’s teaching of his series called A Better Way to Pray.

Merci watches Andrew's teachings daily.Since that time Merci and her husband Ray continued to watch Andrew regularly. As she began to apply the principles she learned from the Word of God through Andrew, her life began to change, and her healing began to manifest.

Looking back, Merci realized that she had accepted a different doctrine and that her beliefs were hindering her from receiving all that Jesus had provided for her. Andrew shared the truth so clearly that Merci was freed from the oppression of the enemy. As she continues to apply the lessons she learns from Andrew, she gains more and more strength. Now Merci stands on the Word of God to face down any attempt by the enemy to steal more from her. Should a symptom of anything contrary to God’s Word arise, she takes her authority and speaks to the specific area of concern, and through faith in His promises is able to overcome any health issue.