Healing Testimonies – Andrew Mullins


Andrew Mullins – Amazed By Grace

The Mullins FamilyMike and Aster Mullins live with their family in Buncrana, Co. Donegal, Ireland, the home of the famous hymn, Amazing Grace. In September of 2009, they welcomed their fourth son into the world. Their new baby, Andrew, was the Mullins’ fifth child, and from the beginning, Aster considered him her victory baby.

In December 2010, Mike and Aster noticed something was bothering Andrew. Their 15-month-old was behaving strangely; he was not eating well, he was losing weight, and he had begun banging his head. Troubled, the Mullins had Andrew examined by their family doctor, and they found that Andrew had infections in both ears. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, and the Mullins went about their business—off to Holland to celebrate Christmas.

When they returned to Ireland after Christmas, Andrew was still not well and Aster noticed a small lump on his back. When she saw it, she was gripped with fear.

Aster showing the lump on AndrewThe Mullins called their doctor again and brought Andrew in for another consultation. He arranged an appointment with the pediatrician in their local hospital. In hindsight, Aster remembers trying hard to pacify Andrew during that meeting instead of letting the doctor see the full extent of his tantrums and unsettled behavior. The pediatrician examined Andrew but did not see an urgency to scan him. About a week later the Mullins received a letter for an appointment to scan Andrew sometime in mid march.

About two weeks later, Mike and Aster noticed that Andrew looked scrawny, and they also noticed that one of his legs was hot to the touch, while the other was very cold. Once again, they brought him to their local general practitioner who was both surprised and shocked that Andrew hadn’t yet been scanned. He immediately made arrangements for the Mullins to go straight to their local hospital to get scanned as a matter of urgency.

cancer treatment toolsAster packed a bag, just in case Andrew would be kept overnight, and brought their son to the hospital for the scan. That Monday Andrew was examined and admitted to the hospital, where they scanned him on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, after a consultation with staff at Crumlin Hospital in Dublin, Ireland’s largest pediatric facility, Andrew was immediately transferred to Crumlin, where they did more scans, urine tests and examinations.

On February 25, 2011 the Mullins were told that Andrew had a very aggressive form of cancer called, High Risk Neuroblastoma. He was already at stage four and had a tumor measuring 7cm x 8cm x 21cm. Andrew was just 17 months old.

The Mullins, stunned by the news, found their lives turned upside down. They were thrust into a world filled with cancer jargon and terminology and put on a very steep learning curve. Aster said it felt like Andrew had been given a death sentence—like she had already lost her littlest boy.

Andrew receiving treatmentOn the following Monday, Andrew underwent further testing and preparation for treatment including the insertion of a catheter into his neck. This special catheter would be used to receive chemotherapy, blood products and a protocol of treatments that would last almost a year and a half.

Bone marrow tests and further, more invasive, scanning of Andrew’s body revealed that he had over 90% cancer in his bone marrow, and that the disease was in every bone of his body apart from his hands and his feet.

As they turned to the God they knew for help, they began to pray and plead for healing. In an effort to mobilize as many people as possible to pray for his son, Mike immediately set up a Facebook page for Andrew. The page brought nearly 5000 people together to “storm heavens gates” on Andrew’s behalf. Their battle raged.

Three weeks after Andrew was diagnosed, Aster gave birth to their sixth child (four weeks premature). They named their baby girl, Grace.

Baby Grace with brother AndrewAmong the mail the family received after Grace’s birth, was a parcel which included Andrew Wommack’s teaching series, God Wants You Well. “The title, funny enough, really didn’t do it for me at all. At the time I was so raw, I thought, yeah right, what do I have to do for that?” recalled Aster. She and Mike put the teaching on a shelf—literally—for months.

The Mullins were (and still are) grateful to all of the nurses and doctors, who treated Andrew with love and dedication, but after nearly six months of rigorous cancer treatment, and thousands of prayers and prayer meetings, Andrew’s progress was slower than expected, and both Mike and Aster were worn down. There had to be more than this, they thought. “Do I have to beg God to have mercy on my child? Do I, as a human being, have more compassion than God does,” Mike wondered. Their prayer life changed at that point, from prayers begging God to help, to prayers asking God to teach them to pray.

AWM teaching on the shelfBoth Aster and Mike were exhausted. Self admittedly, they were in survival mode. Mike, as tired and frustrated as he was, didn’t want to be in survival mode, he wanted to be in more-than-a-conqueror-mode. He also wanted to know what the Bible had to say about healing. It was at this low point, when the Mullins were on their way to Dublin for another round of chemo, that they finally listened to the first disk of the God Wants You Well series. Something in the message resonated deep within their hearts. “Wow, water to my parched, parched, dried out soul,” Aster declared.

“Although we had never heard this before, it was as if we had,” said Mike with regard to Andrew’s teaching. As the two listened and re-listened to the series they became convinced that it is always God’s will to heal and that He did want their son well. “We don’t have to storm Heaven’s gates, God is not the oppressor, nor was He using Andrew’s sickness to teach us a lesson,” realized Mike. They continued downloading and listening to Andrew’s teaching, and they were transformed by rightly discerning the Word of God.

Listening to teaching on trip to DublinGod used Andrew’s teaching to point the Mullins back to His Word where they found promises to stand on for their son’s healing. “We found promises in the Word of God, such as in the book of Proverbs (15:30) where it says good news brings health to your bones.” said Mike.

After their eyes were opened to the Truth, they went to their son, and laid their hands on him with confident expectation. “We put our hands on his thigh bones and his pelvis and we said, ‘Bones, we’ve got good news for you, By His stripes you were healed (1 Peter 2:24). And in faith, with a total conviction in my heart, we spoke that Bible verse standing on the Word of God,” said Aster.

Seeking out truths in the WordAfter their prayer, Andrew was tested to see if he had made any progress. To the hospital staff’s surprise, he had. The Mullins’ consultant called and she said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but everything regarding Andrew is up in the air.” To which Mike inquired, “Is it up in the air good or up in the air bad? She said, “It’s up in the air good. Every one of Andrew’s bones are completely clean of cancer… We really didn’t expect this.”

While the news was unexpected by the doctors, it wasn’t a surprise to the Mullins. “We had learned how to pray with authority, and it worked,” said Mike.

The Mullins rejoicingAndrew still had active cancer near his spine, and due to its location, it was inoperable. As Andrew went in for continued treatment, Aster asked the Lord for something more. After the victory in Andrew’s bones, she felt they were finished using scriptures about bones—she asked the Lord for another weapon.

Faithful as always, the Lord showed Aster the story of Ehud (Judges 3:12-25). Through this passage, Aster saw her weapon revealed; she saw Ehud’s double-edged dagger as the Word of God, and she thrust her dagger into the remaining cancer. As they gathered to lay hands on Andrew, Aster prayed, “Cancer, Neuroblastoma, I’ve got a message from God for you…By His stripes, Andrew is healed.” Aster left that word of God there in Andrew’s belly, not adding anything else to it because she saw in the Scriptures that Ehud did not remove his dagger from the king’s belly. She knew that in the end, the medical team would find that Andrew’s cancer, like king Eglon, was dead on the floor. Her conviction that nothing could stand against the Word of God gave her confidence that her son would be completely cancer free and unaffected by the vicious treatment medications, the side effects of which, can also be devastating.

Andrew playing at the beach after healingAfter treatment, when Andrew was tested again for cancer, and for any damage caused by the treatment, his results came back perfect; there was no sign of cancer or damage to any of his organs. His eyesight, hearing, heart, lungs and both kidneys were perfect.

The Mullins chose to believe what they had learned from Andrew Wommack, the truth about God—that it is always His will to heal—always. The Mullins’ victory, and revelation of God’s amazing grace has brought them a freshness, excitement and confidence in the love and goodness of God. Today, they regularly visit and pray for the sick and have seen many healed.

As for Andrew Mullins, Aster said, “He is full of life… It’s fantastic to see him very active, very playful and very happy.”