Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Will the software run on Apple/Mac computers?
Yes, we now offer an Apple/Mac version of the Living Commentary.

Can I install the software on multiple computers?
Yes, you are free to buy a single copy of the software and install it on the computers in your household and the computer you use at work, etc. You may use a single subscription to install monthly updates on those computers.

What Bible versions are included?
The King James, American Standard and Young’s Literal translations of the Bible are included. You can buy other translations directly from our software partner WORDsearch.

Is Life for Today included?
Yes, notes from the Life for Today Study Bibles are included. Andrew has also added new comments on verses that already had Life for Today notes. See this screen shot for an example.

How is Life for Today different from the Living Commentary?
Life for Today is a Bible commentary Andrew wrote some years ago, which is limited to Matthew through 2 Timothy. The notes are in-depth, somewhat formal, and work well as reference material. The Life for Today study notes are available on our american website, in printed books, and are also included in the Living Commentary (screen shot). Life for Today is no longer being updated.

The Living Commentary is a Bible commentary that Andrew is working on now that covers many scriptures throughout the Bible. The notes are somewhat less detailed and written in an informal style that works well for personal devotional reading. The Living Commentary study notes are only available in our Bible software program. Work on the Living Commentary is ongoing, with many new notes being added each month.

Will the software run on AMD processors?
As far as we know, it will run on AMD processors. If the software doesn’t work for any reason, we’ll be happy to refund your money.

There seems to be notes missing; where are they?
There aren’t notes on every verse in the Bible. If you notice a passage without notes, that’s perfectly normal. However, the number of notes grows with each monthly update, so the passage you’re interested in may be covered by Andrew in the future.

Can the commentary notes be printed?
Yes, the commentary notes can be printed out, one chapter at a time.

Are Andrew’s notes available in a different Bible program?
Andrew’s commentary is only available with the WORDsearch Bible program. We have no plans to publish the Living Commentary using any other Bible software.

Can I add my own study notes?
Yes, the WORDsearch Bible program makes it easy to write your own notes. That’s actually what Andrew uses to write his notes.

Do you plan to publish a Living Commentary book?
No, we don’t plan to offer it in book form. Since Andrew adds many new study notes each month, a printed book would be obsolete before it was published.

Questions About Monthly Updates

How do I install Monthly Updates?
Open Wordsearch
Right-click on “Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary” in the library
Click “Update Book” from the menu that pops up
Click on “Update From Internet”
Click “Yes” when it asks if you’d like to install the book now.
What if I miss an update?
Simply install the latest update; past updates are included in the current month’s file.

What are the monthly updates?
Andrew is continually studying the Bible and writing new commentary notes. The monthly updates contain these new notes.

How many new notes will I receive each month?
The number of new notes varies depending on how much time Andrew has to write them each month. The average for the last six years has been about 125 per month.

Can I download at work and install at home?
Yes, the updates can be downloaded on a computer at work or school and then installed on your computer at home.

How can I tell if the update worked?
In the Living Commentary, go to Genesis 1:1, and click the green “previous chapter” arrow. This will take you to the title page. It will show in big blue text the month you have installed.

What do the updates cost?
There is no extra charge for the updates, they are free to all Living Commentary owners.

How long will you be doing monthly updates?
Andrew plans to produce new material for the Living Commentary for the foreseeable future.

How often do I need to update?
Since Andrew publishes new notes every month, we recommend updating on a monthly basis.