The Correspondence Course enables Students to receive the First Year teachings of Charis Bible College in the comfort of their own environment, and to study at their own pace. It is suitable for Individuals, as well as Churches and Home Groups.

The course is divided into three terms. Each term consists of 13 modules, taught by various instructors. Each course is made up of eight lessons, of 50 minutes duration, and is supported by printed notes containing outlines for each lesson. Progress is assisted and tracked by a test which is taken at the end of each module.

Upon completing the entire Correspondence Course Students are invited to join the Annual Graduation Ceremony and receive their certificates with other First Year Graduates.

When you have successfully completed your First Year Correspondence Course, you are eligible to enrol for a Second Year “Practical Ministry” Certificate Course on Campus at Charis Bible College.


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What our correspondence students are saying:

“The correspondence course was life changing!! At times I was emotionally challenged.... But for the good. I am now blessed with healed emotions!! Learned to trust in God alone to fill the voids. For the first time I got a revelation about righteousness. I am confident in who I am in Christ!!!!! I laughed, cried, danced and been set free!!! I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to be closer to God and learn to really know Him.”
- Deirdré Van der Walt

“As for the Bible school material, it has been a great blessing and has made a massive impact in my personal ministry.
My walk with the Lord has greatly increased in intimacy since I understood my position of righteousness in Christ. Healing, miracles and salvation's have greatly increased when I ministered because I have much better revelation due to excellent teachings from Barry Bennett and Wendell Parr.”
- Robert Pollard

“I enjoyed every teacher tremendously!! Every one of them shared something that challenged my way of thinking and caused me to change for the better!”
- Sandra Visser

"I ended up spending 8 hours a day, couldn’t get enough of the course. All the lecturers are excellent and the topics well explained. You also grow spiritually as an individual."
- Daniel Van Wyk